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On January 2015, three friends that shared a common interest in the paranormal came together to form the NPH group. This team resides in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario teamconducting research and investigations into unexplained phenomenon reported within the city and the surrounding Algoma area. The group objective is to debunk and find rational explanations for paranormal activity and/or gather authentic evidence of the supernatural. The organization is non-profit and offers all services at no charge including consultation, event gatherings along with any analysis of data.

Team Members

Jake Winter is lead investigator and founder of the Northern Paranormal Hunters Group. After an encounter with spirits at a young age, Jake sought to understand his experience and studied intensely for over a decade about the paranormal. He is educated in all matters involving parapsychology and been part of other local ghost hunter groups.

Rob Hate is an investigator/researcher and co-founder of the NPH group. As a teenage, Rob, on multiple occasions witnessed strange objects along with other unexplained phenomena occurring in the sky. These experiences lead him on a journey in answering the question if humanity is truly alone in the universe or does other intelligence life exists out there? Rob has studied extensively in ufology and inspires to one day to make contact.

John Bruni is an investigator, public relations and technical technician for the NPH group. John handles all electrical equipment used in investigations and experienced with computers, multiple media platforms and social media. Unlike the other members, he is the skeptic of the group which sees a rational explanation behind every paranormal activity when only requiring time and science to reveal the cause. John may not believe in the existence of supernatural forces, yet is open-minded to examine all evidence that would prove to the contrary.

Nancy Fay is a medium who occasionally joins the NPH group out on investigations. She is an entrepreneur operating her own online business from home. Since childhood, Nancy experienced many paranormal phenomena throughout life which lead to the discovery of her ability to sense spirits, then learning how to communicate with them. In the past decade, she offered her services to many organization in Ontario including the NPH group.