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Just three kilometers north of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, lies Lake Gaakaminewinbaabii a natural body of fresh water surrounded by undisturbed woodland. Once was crown land until purchased in 1974 becoming private property Over the years, the land exchanged several hands and is now own by a local developer. Anyone new to the city may see a serene lake without suspecting any misgiving about the area. However those living in Sault Ste Marie know better having heard one of the many horrifying urban legends surrounding Lake Gaakaminewinbaabii.

A common one told is along the lake shore, members of a secret occult gathered on the sixth day of June at 6 am to summon a devil to bargain their souls away for their desires. Another story known since the 1940s of the Italian mafia from Southern Ontario using the area to disposing of bodies as at times human remains found in the woods. There is myth which expands into the realm of conspiracy that the lake was once a black ops site operated by the US and/or Canadian government as strange lights along with military vehicles said to frequent the area back in the late 1980s.

Despite the urban myth, Lake Gaakaminewinbaabii does hold a documented tragedy which anyone living in the city at the time would remember. In the early 1980s, four teenage boys, all friends, decided to make a day of fishing by the lake would never be seen again . The boys disappearance made national headlines and after several weeks of searching nothing was ever found. Many theories believe they were kidnapped, runaway or even committed some suicide pact. Today, the incident remains a mystery which is rarely talked about among the Sault Ste. Marie’s citizens

The stories mentioned show something amiss happening, yet nobody may not truly know the malicious encompassing the lake. What started as research by the Northern Paranormal Hunter Group into the history of a nearby farm turned into six months of endlessly combing through books, journals, old newspaper articles, ledgers, archives and interviews which ended in discovering a horrifying reality. Lake Gaakaminewinbaabii possesses a vile past spanning over a century filled with disappearances, death, suicide, cannibalism, occult and other abnormal occurrences. In the coming months, the group will post updates of their findings on this section while planning out a three-day expedition to the lake and surrounding forest.

Please continue to check back for updates on this section.