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As another Canadian city, Sault Ste Marie has it own muttered occurrences of paranormal phenomena. Since starting the NPH Group, members became astounded after learning the number of dwellings alleged or rumoured as haunted. Research along with interviews revealed several of the buildings’ history to hold a dark past rooted in domestic violence, murders and suicide. As there are ghosts, Sault Ste. Marie is also a hub of extraterrestrial activity as the group reviewed multiple reports of UFO sightings in the past forty years.  The NPH Group not long ago found old newspapers articles mentioning of a large snake-like creature observed along the shores of the St. Mary’s River and Superior Lake with Bigfoot spotted in the rural areas north of the city. As there are many unexplained incidents happening in Sault Ste. Marie, the team has taken up the challenge to investigate them all  one at a time.  Currently, the NPH Groups has completed nine cases

The following is a list of most noted cases investigated by the Northern Paranormal Hunter Group.  Locations and names were omitted to keep confidentiality of client.

Case #3

Residents living in a century old Victorian Manor by the downtown core reported hearing unexplained noises and saw apparitions along with shadows moving. In examining the history of the build, found old news articles at the local library dating back to 1932 mentions of a family terrorized by a demonic entity at the same address where the incident concluded with an exorcism performed on the property by on a local chaplain. City records show the home sold multiple time over the decades as no explanation to this trend was given by realtors upon questioning. The investigation conducted at night yielded no further information as nothing was capture in EVP sessions or on video surveillance. John Winter concluded the evening with a smudging of all rooms with in the building. In the follow-up a year later no new developments.

Case #5

An apartment in the west end of the city, the resident reported constantly observing shadows along with on a couple of occlusion assaulted by unseen forces which pinched and scratched. Nothing discovered in the researching the property’s past. During the nightly investigation members experienced electrical problems with the equipment as everyone in attendance also noticed motion of shadowy figures. Nancy Fay performed a Wicca blessing of the dwelling. Follow-up to be posted shortly.

Case #7

At local university students and facility reported experiencing paranormal activity in hearing voices of children, seeing ghosts of a boy and girl running in halls and a few incidents of poltergeist where items been moved. On June 28, 2016 the NPH Group held an event inviting the public in joining the team in an over night investigation of the institution with permission granted by the administration. Nothing relevant captured in EVP session or on video. Several people who take part in the event announced they hearing children laughter in the library as one claimed to witness a child to vanish in one of the classrooms.

Upcoming Investigations

While researching on case at the local library, the NPH Group came across archived sources revealing a number of abnormal incidents to occur within the Lake Gaakaminewinbaabii area. After extensive examination of material, the NPH Group speculate the region may contain an unprecedented amount of paranormal activity occurring that gone unnoticed. Please refer to the section The Lake for more a detail account of the team’s discovery. The group plans to investigation the area on October 29-31, 2017 and may seek volunteers to aid in this project. If interest, please refer to the Events section of the website