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Hanako-san Past The TP

One element I always enjoyed in researching about the paranormal was reading legends from ancient times to urban myths. I covered a vast amount over the years, skimming through tales of vampires, bizarre deaths, haunted houses along with the outlandish such as cursed underwear. However, when I believe there could be nothing more disturbing out there to learn, urban legends involving bathrooms comes around. Not even the toilet is spared from stories where one could encounter demons, ghosts, portals and even death. In this second installment of supernatural entities to beware of when going to the bathroom here is the Japanese urban tales of Toire no Hanako-san.

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The Ratman of Southend

I always love hearing ghosts stories or urban legends especially around an open camp eager for those moments of spine tinging fear. Over the years, I had listened to many of them and evermore appreciating to encounter tales not yet known like the Ratman of Southend. My thanks to Flora from Britain in sharing this YouTube video with me, which I am posting on Abnormal Realms.


Was There A Man On The Moon?

When started Abnormal Realms, I try to include a bit of everything about the paranormal from ghosts to UFOs. Rarely do I touch on the subject of conspiracy theories unless involving something supernatural. However, today I just watched a video from the YouTube Channel Stuff They Don’t Want You Know concerning the United States faked the lunar landing which I found entertaining and thought on sharing it. Since the first Apollo mission, this conspiracy theory has been floating around refusing to be buried despite evidence to debunk it. The interesting part is if the moon landing was a fabrication what would that mean for space exploration? In the meantime, hope you enjoy this video.