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What Has Science Created Now?

Ever wondered how far science has come in genetic modifications?  Here is a YouTube video to answer that.



Home For One More Year

As of today, my contract ends and I look forward to returning home. At this time, I would like to say thank you to everyone in taking the time to read, subscribe, and writing in as you all are the primary reason why this blog continues on. Therefore, I would like to announce I made enough this past week to renew Abnormal Realm for one more year along with plans of purchasing a new computer to produce additional content. There is much more I want to discuss, but that will need to wait as I have a long trip ahead of me. Will see you soon and till then here is a YouTube to enjoy.



Be the Skeptic

When I began this journey into the paranormal, I was excited with anticipation to seeing an apparition, encountering an UFO or discovering a cryptid. At that time, I was naive and would soon learn a hard lesson that not every photo was real, not every story true and not every haunting involves a ghost. The first year of investigations I participated in were either false sightings, misidentification, hysteria or lies. Ever since then, I have always taken the approach of a skeptic when dealing with any paranormal phenomenon and my advice to anyone or any group with a starting interest in the unknown. In any investigation, study, research or any other project conducted, before considering a supernatural cause, constantly look for a reasonable, scientific explanation to the event or situation occurring. Here are a few tips I have learned over the years.

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