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How To Catch A Fake

During college, one of the elective courses I selected to take was an introduction to digital imaging. The class taught how to scan and save pictures onto a computer along with basic lessons on photo editing with an earlier version of Photoshop. At the time, the ability to manipulate images I viewed to be exciting as one would no longer be limited to errors of film cameras where flaws such as red eye could easily be corrected. In learning this technology, I realized I could never again trust any picture taken of something paranormal.

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Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team

On Abnormal Realm, this week’s posting features the Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team based from Kaukauna, Wisconsin, USA. This is a non-profit organization founded by Josh Vande Wettering back in September, 2009 offering services throughout the Wisconsin state. Other members within the group are David Kedzior, lead investigator and pranic therapist, Sephanie new_logoSawyer, forensics specialist and investigator and Dee Viotto ,public relation and investigator.

The Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team was formed on three principles which is reflected in their mission statement on their website which “is to help those affected by what could be paranormal activity, document paranormal activity, and educate the public more on the paranormal field.” All cases the study are approached with the scientific method in the gathering of facts and evidence. Services offered the group include investigations and research, public speaking with presentations, pranic therapy, and referrals to trusted ministerial guidance and cleansing of properties, to include exorcisms. There are no charges for investigations. Continue reading

Empirical Paranormal

When growing up, we try to acquire skills and knowledge to be become self-sufficient in life. On occasion, there will be situations encountered that will go beyond one’s own abilities to handle. This is when one calls upon the services of others with the expertise for help. Such situations requiring someone’s skills could be medical treatment, house repair, automotive services, computer maintenance or representation in the law. Whereas, those needing aid with encounters with unknown forces there is the paranormal investigator. This week’s posting features the Empirical Paranormal group of New York.

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Ghost Hunter’s Wish List

The first paranormal investigation I participated in was on the main floor apartment of a century old house. There were reports of unexplained sounds, moving shadows and strange smells within the dwelling. Now picture this, it’s the mid 90s, four guys working minimum wage jobs, just graduated high school and then image the type of equipment available to conduct this investigation. There was a bulky camcorder holding VCR tapes for video recordings, tape recorder with audio cassettes for EVPs and the old film cameras for picture along with a two day waiting discount envelope for development. Other tools were a measuring tape we used for recording distance, a compass on had to detect magnetic fields and an outdoors thermometer to take temperatures in finding those cold spots. We had these old 80s walkies talkies for communications, pens and clipboards to record any observation and a pair of 70s flashlights when stubbing in the dark. With the internet just emerging back then, the real research was done at the library or city hall to find any information about the history of the place. Lucky one guy on the team had access to computer which was only used to print documents and store any EVPs taken.

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