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PPISurrey Paranormal Investigation Team

This week’s posting on Abnormal Realm is the featuring PPISurrey Paranormal Investigation Team. They are a non-profit, independent group based out of Surrey British Columbia, Canada. ppssiThe PPISurrey team consists of dedicated professionals offering services in the investigation of any and all paranormal phenomena for research purposes. The group is latest addition to the listings on Abnormal Realm.

The PPISurrey Paranormal Investigation Team was officially formed in August, 2013. The objective of the group is to debunk and find rational explanations for paranormal activity and/or gather authentic evidence of the paranormal, in all facts and regards. The official members of PPISurrey consist of Edward Puckering, the lead parapsych researcher, his brother John Puckering, who provides investigative assistance in the field, and the members of Twolees Grove Metaphysical Services.

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The Paranormal Seekers

Hello everyone. In starting the New Year off, a new section is being added to Abnormal Realm featuring experience paranormal groups. This component provide an addition resource for ps1anyone seeking information, aid, assistance or consulting services on matters involving the paranormal. This week I would like to introduce this paranormal investigation team from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, the Paranormal Seekers. They are a non-profit groups that have investigated a wide variety of locations throughout the province, including museums, historical sites, businesses and private residences.

I had contacted Rachel, the founder of group, through email and had several exchanges where she provided details about Paranormal Seekers. Here is that information in a Q&A format.

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