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Don’t Walk Your Dog Here

Prior to the internet, most of my knowledge about the paranormal came from books, articles, magazines and journals. I read everything I could about UFOs, aliens, demons, ghosts, monsters, legends and even abnormalities in animal behavior. There are cases about domestic pets that cross hundreds of miles to reunite with family, know when their own is coming home or alert to the presence of a supernatural entity. There was this one dark tale I read about involving dogs and a bridge in the U.K.

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How Much The Soul Weights?

Duncan MacDougall, a physician in Haverhill, Massachusetts, conducted scientific experiments in proving the existence of the human soul. His theory was to weight a person at the point of death that any lost of mass would show the spirit leaving the body. In 1901, he sought volunteers terminal ill with tuberculosis to participate. In the first experiment, the patient within hours of their death. was placed unto a bed scale, built by Duncan himself, with sensitive springs so percise in weight to exact gram. When the person had passed away, the observed loss of weight was 21 grams. Over the years, he repeated the experiment with other patients and recorded an average lost 21 grams. In 1907, his story published in Journal of American Society for Psychial Research and later circulated by the New York Times.
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