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What’s Worst Than Cockroaches?

Every place in the world has its own legends and superstitions. In most folklore, there are beliefs about gods, demons, and spirits which haunts certain locations. Not even the bathroom is spared in having otherworldly beings inhabiting the place with unknown intentions. In a three part series, Abnormal Realm looks into the supernatural creatures where legends warn to beware of when using the toilet such as the Akaname of Japan.

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Jikininki: The Japanese Walking Dead

Jikininki, in Buddhism, are spirits who were cursed to eat dead human flesh because they were greedy, selfish or evil before they died. They were normal humans who couldn’t die properly because of the curse and now only exist as creatures that scour around for human corpses to eat. The name Jikininki literally translates to human-eating ghosts. According to several myths, the Jikininki cannot control their desire to eat human flesh and are often remorseful about it.

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Who Is The Owlman?

Happy New Year everyone, I hope everybody enjoyed their holidays with family and friends. As 2017 is starting, there are a few projects in the works in the upcoming months here at Abnormal Realms. With a new podcast microphone and laptop, I plan on developing a few more Ed’s Creepypastas, videos about cryptids and maybe even a vlog along with more postings about the paranormal. To bring in the New Year, this week I’ll be talking about the Owl man. In cryptozoology, this creature falls under the classification of flying humanoids like the Jersey Devil and Mothman.

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