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Weird Vampires of The World: Part 2

A vampire is frightening enough, but imagine one with iron hooks for feet This unpleaseant undead is called the Asasabonsam and lurks in the forests of Ghana. Legends say this vampire hangs from tree branches waiting for victims to pass by. It drops down driving its hooks into the person’s shoulders and then lifts its victim into the trees to be devoured alive. If the Asasabonsam can’t get hold of a human, it’ll feed upon animals instead.

Terror In Two Sentences

With Halloween over a month away, lets start the horror with these two sentence stories.

The voice continued screaming through the house, “ Mommy, Daddy, where are you?” The couple remained silent in the closet fearing whatever sounded like their dead daughter would find them.

I sworn to my daughter that I would protect her from the monster. Even when the judge sentenced me to death, I continued smiling thinking he’ll never touch her again.

After being charged with murder, I now understand the meaning in that old saying, “Be careful what you wished for.” I didn’t expect that leprechaun to start killing off people when I said. “Make me the richest person alive!”

Never Ride A Strange Horse

The Kelpie inhabits near the lakes and rivers of Scotland. It is often referred to as a “water horse” since this create is shaped like a horse, but can assume other forms to fool its victims. The Kelpie will appear as a friendly horse luring humans to ride on its bakck. Once a person mounts this monster they would find themselves glued to the creature sealing their doom. The Kelpie would then jump into the river or lake drowning its victim and consumed later.

Beast Of Bladenboro

Between 1953 and 1954, the town of Bladenboro, North Carolina was terrorized by some unknow creature that killed nine dog and several other household pets. It became known as the Beast Of Bladenboro. Some of the animals were found torn apart while others discovered to had their blood sucked out. The beast was believed to also killed hogs, chickens and cows. Witnesses described the cryptid as a large, catlike creature whose howl sounded like a ghostly baby cry. A hunt was organized to capture the Beast Of Bladenboro, however the event only ended with several bobcats killed. In 2008, similar attacks occurred, yet the identity of this cryptid remains unknown.