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First Step Out of Rock Bottom: Acceptance

Greetings. My name is Tom and I welcome you to Rock Bottom. I would like to thank Vince, otherwise known as the Gatekeeper, for this opportunity in hosting these articles. As I had mentioned in the my last posting, in living life we are constantly facing stressful difficulties and challenging circumstances. These include paying bills, relationships, work, family, politics, along with other day-to-day activities. Over time, such conditions along with the stress and frustration they bring may become overwhelming to burden pushing anyone beyond their limits. This is the purpose for the articles with the hoped outcome for anyone reading them to provide some assistance in bracing through the storm life brings. The next articles I will be composing will be part of a series in answering the question what comes next after hitting rock bottom.

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Meet Tom At Rock Bottom

A few years ago, I started up Abnormal Realms with the intention as an online resource where anyone could seek information involving possible situations one may encounters which are not the norm. On expanding this notion, my friend Tom wants to contribute by posting some articles addressing the hardships one could experience in a life. This added section is named Rock Bottom. I would like introduce everyone to Tom.

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