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Vampires Of The Sea

Mermaids appear in the folklore of many seafaring cultures worldwide, including the Near East, Europe, Africa and Asia. Tales of this mythical creature could be found dated back thousands of years ago all carrying the similar image of a beautiful young woman with the lower torso of a fish. Often, the mermaid been associated with misfortune or calamity being blamed for sea storms, ship disappearing and drowning of men. Even stories of relationships with human lovers end with tragedy. There a few legends with a darker adaptation of mermaids such as the iso onna of Japan.

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Old Woman Seeking Company In Forest

Ever since I starting researching into folklore, I discovered that many myths across the planet shared some common elements. Wherever you go in the world, similar imaginary legends could be found such as dragons, vampires, ghost and gods. One dark tale to exist within most societies involves a solitary person or a hermit out in the middle of the woods that turns into a monster, a witch or some cannibal luring lost travellers into their home to consume. In Japan, folklore warns of yokai called the yamauba or mountain hag.

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Face to Face With No Face

As a teenager back in 90s, I would indulge myself with anything containing horror be it plays, shows, or books during October. This would include all-nighters watching some of the worst of B-rated movies to the latest multi-million dollar blockbuster release. Now, I seen my share of horror films and only on a few occasions come across a video terrifying enough to get chills. One such movie I recall had a scene involved a man appearing out of a closet with no face resulting in a few enjoyable seconds of fear. Today, the name of film escapes me but remembered the time spent in trying to discover what it was. Years later with access to the Internet, I finally come to learn the creature was a Japanese yokai called the nopperabō.

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Cursing From Beyond The Grave

A curse is a wish of misfortune, bad luck or some other hardship to befall or place about a person or object. Many folklore mention such a supernatural force could be invoked through spells, rituals, hexes and even from the divine intervention of deities. In some myths, spirits of dead may conjured curses upon those who wronged them in life. Japanese legends tell of a ghost that seeks damnation upon its enemy known as the Goryo.

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The Hands See Everything

Where does the time go? Three years have now passed since starting Abnormal Realm and I would like to thank everyone for reading and following this blog along with your comments. During this period, I posted a number of articles about yokai which is a general reference used for the monsters, demons and spirits in Japanese folklore. These postings seem popular as there been an increasing request for them over the last year. In celebration of this anniversary, I will be posting more articles involving the paranormal and legends from Japan and Asia in the coming month as we first being with the Tenome.

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