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Abnormal Realm Presents

Between now and Halloween, I’ll be periodically posting two senternce horror stories. Some from the internet, some original. Hope you enjoy the upcoming fright.

When Legends Hold Truth

In researching paranormal event, one practise I always found is looking into any myths including any modern urban legends about the incident. Over the years, I had read and heard a mountain of such stories from across the globe. Some of these legends are inspired by actual occurrence and at times by real people. The urban myth, Charlie no face, shocked me in learning the tale had been based off a person named Raymond Robinson. The following YouTube video, produced by Crypticc, goes into more detail about legend of “The Green Man”.

Special Thank to Crypticc for permission on using this video.

YouTube Channel: Crypticc
A channel dedicated to all things creepy or bizarre. True crime, unsolved mysteries, strange history, horror movies and everything in between.


The Numinous Storm Free Download

I would like to announce for a limited time, there will be free ebook downloads of The Numinous Storm available on Amazon from June 14th to the 16th . I invite you to read about a botched assassination attempt that almost ends the life of renowned journalist Peter J Blattch who  is forced to consider his waning career options. During this period of indeterminacy, he receives a package from the UK, the incredible contents of which send him in search of a veiled and arcane truth. Shrouded throughout history, an ancient order wages war against a supernatural threat which now could engulf all of humanity. With an Amazon account you could download The Numinous Storm for free to any device. If possible I welcome you to share your thoughts on this book on Amazon Thank you.

Now on Amazon

A supernatural tale by David Calvert
adapted, and co-authored, from a short story by Vince Bios




Now Serving Two Sentence Creepypasta

Recently I went over and visited my friend Ed, the guy who wrote Windigo Eyes, for a coffee. He informed me about a trend on the Internet where creepypastas and horror stories were told in two sentences. I checked this out and was amazed of the number of websites and videos out there about this method of storytelling. Ed had thought up a few of them and suggested they should be the next posting on Abnormal Realm. Just for your entertaining pleasure and not sleeping tonight here is a serving of four original two sentences creepypastas. Comment if reading this has resulted in nightmares.

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