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UFO Case Review – Travis Walton Abduction, 1975

Over the next few weeks, Abnormal Realm with be featuring videos about famous UFO cases created and produced by UFOCaseReviews. The videos were entertaining and informative. I would recommend to check them out and maybe subscribing to the channel. This week’s YouTube video is the 1975 alien abduction of Travis Walton. Hope you enjoy.


The Flatwoods Monster

This past week, I received an interesting email from a reader I would like to share with everyone.  Jane from Michigan asked “Are there any stories of monsters or cryptids within North American to appear before or after an UFO sighting?  If yes, would that make them an alien?” Now, I know there are cases where creatures were spotted within the same area and time frame of a reported UFO.  Whether the situation is coincidence or they are actually an alien, I honestly don’t know.  There are accounts where people have witnessed Bigfoot and UFOs in the same night, but never seen Sasquatch leaving a ship. Another creature that falls under this scenario is known as the Flatwoods monster. It is explained in more detail by this YouTube video I am posting.  Thank you for the great question Jane.  I wish I could have given a more satisfying answer, but I am unable to conclude a cryptid to be an alien if just observed to be in proximity of an UFO sighting.

Road Trip and Aliens

Looks like I going to have to hit the road again for work.  As always I’ll do my best to continue posting on Abnormal Realms. Now some time has passed since I had anything involving UFOs so here is an video from YouTube on alien abductions.

Types of Close Encounters

Over the years, I seek to accumulate as much knowledge about the paranormal as I could in reading books, watching documentaries, attending seminars and now using the internet. There was always enjoyment in combing over the field notes of cryptozologist, going over case studies of investigators and participating in locals ghosts hunts. Recently, my focus has turned in learning about more ufology.

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The Battle for Los Angeles

During World War Two, many weird and inhuman events occurred that went behind the norms of reality. There were stories on weaponizing the occult, super soldier experiments, UFOs, unearthly technologies, mad scientist and so on. One incident to developed which is still be talked about to this very day is the Battle of Los Angeles.

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