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What’s Worst Than Cockroaches?

Every place in the world has its own legends and superstitions. In most folklore, there are beliefs about gods, demons, and spirits which haunts certain locations. Not even the bathroom is spared in having otherworldly beings inhabiting the place with unknown intentions. In a three part series, Abnormal Realm looks into the supernatural creatures where legends warn to beware of when using the toilet such as the Akaname of Japan.

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What Is The Black Stick Man?

This week I received an email with a link to a YouTube video from an anonymous sender. The video I watched discussed about an alleged paranormal phenomenon occurring called the Black Stick Man which until viewing knew nothing about. In the video, this entity or entities have only been recently exposed as more sightings are reported. After watching this video, I done some research on the Black Stick Man and found knowledge of it originates off the Internet much like Sheepsquatch with next to nothing mentioned in books or newspapers articles prior to 1996. In my opinion, I question its authenticity, however here is the video to make your own judgment. If anyone recalls of any reported sightings made before the Internet like in a magazine or news article please contact me about it.



I See Shadow People

In my circle of friends they know me to hold some knowledge about the paranormal. This is not the most beneficial trait as in any discussions about movies, TV series, books, and anything involving the unknown they turn to for information. They would ask me questions about Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, conspiracies and other supernatural phenomenon. I would recommend the number of resources available such as the Internet where they could research the information for themselves, yet they continue to ask. Just recently on friend inquired what the connection between sleep paralysis, alien abduction, shadow people and night hags. Normally, this would require a presentation to answer his question, but luckily I was able to find this YouTube video that summarizes everything.