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The Devil’s Sea

What comes to mind when one discusses about vanishing ships and aircraft? The Bermuda Triangle would be one of two possible answers. What if I told you there is another place on earth where the same phenomenon occurs, but on the other side of the planet? Off the coast of Japan, covering most of the Philippine Sea, is an area known as the Devil’s Sea or the Dragon’s Triangle. The region shares the similar phenomenon of vanishing ships and aircraft, UFO sightings, ghosts ships and electronic equipment malfunctions as the Bermuda Triangle.

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The Curse of Bodie

Exactly what is a curse? How does it work? What makes it supernatural? These, like many other questions, I had asked when I first came across the concept of a curse. Over the years, I had learned it could also be a hex or jinx where supernatural forces are invoked to inflict harm, misfortune or punishment on a person or people by spells, rituals, pact, spirit or divine being. Curses could even be placed on objects or places, but could they follow you home? The next installment in the series of curses, we’ll be looking at the ghost town of Bodie.

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Don’t Walk Your Dog Here

Prior to the internet, most of my knowledge about the paranormal came from books, articles, magazines and journals. I read everything I could about UFOs, aliens, demons, ghosts, monsters, legends and even abnormalities in animal behaviour. There are cases about domestic pets that crossed hundreds of miles to reunite with family, know when their owner is coming home or alert when a supernatural entity is around. There was this one dark tale I read about involving dogs and a bridge in the U.K.

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Haunted Tales on Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone! I should be back home this weekend with work wrapping up on Friday. Got some ideas for new articles to post and maybe starting a fictional section on the blog. While working, talked with a few individuals who also shared interests in the paranormal. They informed about a placed they visited called Stull Cemetery where it is said a portal to hell opens. Here is a YouTube video that explains more.

On The Road Again

Hello everyone. Once again I find myself needing to travel for work and living out of a suitcase. Between the hours of the job and unreliable internet connect at the motel has made posting a bit of a challenge. With some luck, the work will end shortly and could return home to publish more articles on the paranormal along with a new podcast. My experience at this motel which has been a nightmare inspired this YouTube video.