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The Numinous Storm Book Trailer

Thanks to a friend, this book trailer portrays The Numinous Storm  by David Calvert
and myself as a work by the fictional journalist Peter J Blattch.



Attack of the 90 ft Gashadokuro: Revision

In the past, I had mentioned how fascinating Japanese folklore is. Ghosts, monsters and demons are known as yokai in the country’s legends which in some cases, humans, animal and even household items could become. Over the years, I have read stories about the kappa, oni, inugami, and many others. Only recently, I have come across a tale about a monstrous creature called the gashadokuro.

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A Working Summer Vacation

As we are now into summer, this is a time many will be barbecuing, hitting the beach, going camping or taking a vacation. As for myself, I will be taking a break from Abnormal Realm while pursuing some employment opportunities and returning some time in September. Thank you everyone for following and reading the blog along with your support. Wish everyone a fun and safe summer.


The Numinous Storm Free Download

I would like to announce for a limited time, there will be free ebook downloads of The Numinous Storm available on Amazon from June 14th to the 16th . I invite you to read about a botched assassination attempt that almost ends the life of renowned journalist Peter J Blattch who  is forced to consider his waning career options. During this period of indeterminacy, he receives a package from the UK, the incredible contents of which send him in search of a veiled and arcane truth. Shrouded throughout history, an ancient order wages war against a supernatural threat which now could engulf all of humanity. With an Amazon account you could download The Numinous Storm for free to any device. If possible I welcome you to share your thoughts on this book on Amazon Thank you.

Now on Amazon

A supernatural tale by David Calvert
adapted, and co-authored, from a short story by Vince Bios