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The Numinous Storm Gathers

Abnormal Realm announces the release of “The Numinous Storm”. Learn the truth of history is nothing more than a shroud concealing a supernatural threat which could engulf all of humanity.  A supernatural tale by David Calver adapted, and co-authored, from a short story by Vince Bios.  Now available on Amazon.


What is Your Story?

Seen a spirit, heard strange noises at night, dishes flying out the cupboards by themselves, or just know a good ghost story, then let me know. I love to heard and read about your supernatural experience along with sharing them with others here on Abnormal Realm. Feel free to email your story to or fill in the side bar form. Thank you everyone.

The Numinous Storm Has Come

I would like the announcement the publication of The Numinous Storm. A supernatural tale by David Calvert adapted, and co-authored, from a short story by Vince Bios. Check out the story by either the links or going to The Numinous Storm Section on Abnormal Realm. Let us know what you think of the story in the comments and as always feedback is welcomed.

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The Olgoi-Khorkoi

The infamous sands of the Gobi desert have many secrets. Few are capable and willing to venture deep into its territory, but those that do may have more to worry about than the blazing heat and dehydration. It is said, that a mysterious and deadly creature, the Olgoi-Khorkoi or Mongolian Death Worm, lives deep underground roughly around the prohibited area of the disputed Mongolian-Chinese border. With the first sighting recorded almost a thousand years ago, numerous eye-witness accounts and hundreds of vivid depictions, this creature has taken a hold of the minds of adventurers and paranormal researchers for generations.

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A Working Summer Break

While summer is here and work up to this point has been slow. The reality of the situation is I need to find some causal or part-time work and will be taking a two month break from posting on Abnormal Realm. Also, my five year old computer is starting to show its age and will need to use it sparingly until a new one is purchased. Upon my return in September, there are plans to add a few new features to the blog. Have a safe and fun summer.