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What Is An USO?

Recently, I received an anonymous email requesting an explanation to what USO was and their relation to UFOs. Here is a YouTube video I found that gives a good summary about the subject.




Are We Truly Alone?

The other day, an anonymous reader sent me an email informing me of a theory to why humans have yet to make alien contact. The proposed idea is the possibility that any extraterrestrial life forms out there in the universe may have been long extinct. Here is the YouTube video I was given to watch which explains in more detail.



UFO Case Review – Belgian UFO Wave, 1989 – 1991

UFO sightings, alien abductions and crashed ships maybe portrayed to only be occurring in America, but are actually a global phenomenon. Almost every country in world has its own history of such encounters experienced by civilians, military and the government. Between 1989 and 1991, Belgium experienced a wave of triangular UFO sightings reported by thousands of witnesses. Here is YouTube video created by UFOCaseReview that explains the incident in detail. I would like to give a special thank you to UFOCaseReview for permission in featuring his videos on Abnormal Realm.

UFO Case Review – Betty and Barney Hill Abduction, 1961

For several decades, a disturbing phenomenon has been reported to be occurring to thousands across the global. Individuals have come forward claiming to be taken against their will by unearthly entities, experimented on, and memories altered. These events are known as alien abduction along with encounter of the fourth kind. One case to gain worldwide publicity is the Betty and Barney Hill abduction. This YouTube video created by UFO Case Review goes into more detail of the couple’s ordeal.

UFO Case Review – Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter, 1955

Ever heard the the term ‘little green men’? This saying became popular in referring to aliens started back in the 1950s when newspapers reported an a family’s encounter with unearthly creatures. This case would be known as the Kelly-Hopkinsville sighting. Here is a YouTube video by UFOCaseReview that goes into more detail of the incident.