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Home For One More Year

As of today, my contract ends and I look forward to returning home. At this time, I would like to say thank you to everyone in taking the time to read, subscribe, and writing in as you all are the primary reason why this blog continues on. Therefore, I would like to announce I made enough this past week to renew Abnormal Realm for one more year along with plans of purchasing a new computer to produce additional content. There is much more I want to discuss, but that will need to wait as I have a long trip ahead of me. Will see you soon and till then here is a YouTube to enjoy.



Was There A Man On The Moon?

When started Abnormal Realms, I try to include a bit of everything about the paranormal from ghosts to UFOs. Rarely do I touch on the subject of conspiracy theories unless involving something supernatural. However, today I just watched a video from the YouTube Channel Stuff They Don’t Want You Know concerning the United States faked the lunar landing which I found entertaining and thought on sharing it. Since the first Apollo mission, this conspiracy theory has been floating around refusing to be buried despite evidence to debunk it. The interesting part is if the moon landing was a fabrication what would that mean for space exploration? In the meantime, hope you enjoy this video.



Why The Nightmares?

Every paranormal phenomena I learn about, there have been a number of theories to explain its occurrence. This leaves me disturbed and at times amused, as no definitive answer to what causes these unexplained events cannot be agreed on, but instead argued. Let me demonstrated this problem with this example. First to describe the situation. While sleeping, you suddenly awake, unable to move, you feel paralysis along with pressure on your chest. Then, you feel you are not alone in the room, sensing there is someone or something watching you either hanging over the bed board or hovering off the ceiling. What does this sounds like? An alien abduction, demonic attack or some nightmare and yet any of these could be right depending on whose view. The phenomenon is real, as it has been experienced by thousands around the world and throughout history. The causes behind it remains unknown as the three possible explanations are disputed.

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