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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Explanations

Images captured on film freezes a moment in time and on some occasions could create a mystery when something strange appears on the photo. While most perplexing pictures may hold a reasonable explanation, there are a few which defy any given. Here is a YouTube video about such mysterious photos.



Curse of The 27 Club

Since arriving back home, I had been shifting through a mountain of emails. In one of them was a request made by Nicolas from Florida about the curse known as the 27 club. Now, the last time I came across this reference happened back in 2000 with the death of Sean Patrick McCabe from the group Ink and Dagger. In researching more detail about this subject, I discovered its membership has increased. Continue reading

Belated Two Years

Just got back home after being on the road for work and realized two years had gone by since starting Abnormal Realms. At this time, I would like to thank everyone for following the blog along with my appreciation for the all the emails, stories, talks, suggestions, feedback and comments. As an update, I’m working on getting a new computer plus a professional mic to start a new format of podcast some time in October. I welcome any ideas or suggestions of what the talk about on the show, so feel free to email or post them. Here is a YouTube video I would like to share which mentions some paranormal events I wasn’t even aware of.


Gone Missing

In the past, I received links to view videos from the Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know YouTube Channel. This week I spent viewing more of them and they were mind blowing. These video are well made, informative, entertaining as well as exposing me to new topics involving the paranormal I was not even aware of. Here is one I found compelling and thought should be shared.