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Ion Detector and the Paranormal

In a previous article I had mentioned on being asked what equipment to use in a ghost investigation. More specifically what devices to use in detecting entities you can’t see, hear or touch. There are two conditions that I learned that is believed to be associated with the presence of ghosts. The first is a sudden drop in the room temperature is thought to be caused by a spirit which could be recorded by a thermometer either infrared or open air. The second is ghosts are believed to create an abundance of magnetic fields within an area, where none should exist that any Electromagnetic Field (EMF) reader should detect. Now, a third condition some claim to relate with ghosts which introduces the second installment of my series on lesser known paranormal investigation equipment, the ion detector.

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The Spirit Box

Ever since starting the Abnormal Realm blog, I have been asked many questions about the paranormal from cryptids to urban legends. Recently, someone had inquired on what equipment to use in a ghost investigation which inspired me to write this post. The procedure, techniques and methods in conducting an investigation are the same now as they were 20 years ago, but the equipment used has changed with the advancement of technology. A camera may still be a camera, yet what I used in the 90s couldn’t allow instant editing of images and upload to the internet. Within the last decade, I have tried to keep up to date with any new devices in ghost detection and there has been a few. I will be introducing a few of them in a three part series on lesser known equipment used in the paranormal field by first starting with the Spirit Box.

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Can You Exorcise?

I remember the first paranormal group I joined almost 20 years ago. The members were knowledgeable in everything from parapsychology to conducting investigators and I felt confident enough they could handle any matter. I asked them about concerns on what to do if a hostile entity is encountered. After a moment of silence, followed by everyone looking to each other for an answer with only the response of “We see what happens” made me aware of the reality that no one knew. Lucky for us, such an encounter never occurred.
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How to Tell if Your Home is Haunted or Not

Over the years, I helped out friends move into either new apartments or houses and anusually pattern had developed Most of them, within a month, would invite me over to their new place to determine if its haunted, after experiencing something out of the ordinary. This often occurrs, as I am the only person my friends know to possess knowledge about the paranormal. After pocking around, I could find the causes to their encounters, be it leaking pipes, lose floor board, or mice crawling in the walls. Like my friends, seems to me new home owners, after coming across a smell, a noise or something they can’t explain, automatically assume their residence to haunted. Usually in these cases, there are a reasonable explanations other than ghost. Here are some tips to follow to determine if paranormal forces are residing within your home.
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Put Away That Ouija Board

After graduating high school, I enrolled at the local college to take the night course “Introduction to Parapsychology”. The instructor, Bob, had over 15 years experience in paranormal research, studies and fieldwork. He was verse on anything involving UFOs, ghosts, cryptids and other supernatural phenomenon. One night Bob covered the subject “communication with the dead. He discuss about mediums, methods in contacting spirits, EVPs, and seances. What stuck with me over the years from that night was his empathize to everyone in the class to never use an Ouija board.

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