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Lions, Tigers and Jubokko! Oh my!

Cryptozoology is the study of unknown animals along with plants that have not yet been accepted by science to exist or be real. In some cases, cryptozoologists researched accounts involving large carnivorous plants consuming animals and even human beings. What would one do if encountering a tree starving for human blood spawned not from nature but by supernatural forces? In Japan, legends warn of such a vampiric plant called the Jubokko.

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The Hands See Everything

Where does the time go? Three years have now passed since starting Abnormal Realm and I would like to thank everyone for reading and following this blog along with your comments. During this period, I posted a number of articles about yokai which is a general reference used for the monsters, demons and spirits in Japanese folklore. These postings seem popular as there been an increasing request for them over the last year. In celebration of this anniversary, I will be posting more articles involving the paranormal and legends from Japan and Asia in the coming month as we first being with the Tenome.

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Attack of the 90 ft Gashadokuro: Revision

In the past, I had mentioned how fascinating Japanese folklore is. Ghosts, monsters and demons are known as yokai in the country’s legends which in some cases, humans, animal and even household items could become. Over the years, I have read stories about the kappa, oni, inugami, and many others. Only recently, I have come across a tale about a monstrous creature called the gashadokuro.

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Time For Neck Stretches

In Japanese legend, there are female creatures that look like normal humans called Rokurokubi or long neck woman. Unlike most yokai, these monsters were once former humans, transformed by a curse as punishment for some misdeed or evil act. The curse of the rokurokubi affects only women, even though the cause of it not be of their own.

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Too Many Mouths To Feed

A Futakuchi-onna is a type of yokai or monster told in Japanese folklore translated as the two mouthed woman. Legend describes this creature as a woman with a normal month on her face with another one concealed under the hair on the back of the head. The second one would appear as full function month with teeth, lips and a tongue when active. The Futakuchi-onna was once a human woman in life that became afflicted with a curse or supernatural sickness transforming them.

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