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What Has Science Created Now?

Ever wondered how far science has come in genetic modifications?  Here is a YouTube video to answer that.



Humanity in the Future?

As a teenage, I always enjoyed post apocalyptic shows such as Planet of the Apes from the 70s, Mad Max and the Terminator. Whether the film was horror or sci-fi, any plot involving humanity on the verge of annihilation or extinction, the lone group of survivors who were able to over come impossible odds in defeating the enemy which could be aliens, A.I. zombies, mutants, etc was entertaining. In my mind these possible threats were only in the realm of fiction, while thoughts of a more realistic future for the human race would be the Jettisons or Star Trek. Over the years, I found what was once in the domain of science fictions seem more to becoming more of a reality. In the news, on the Internet, almost anywhere you hear warnings about the dangers posed by A.I, genetic modifications, medical research and so on. Currently one immediate threat that is on everyone’s mind is climate change. In talking with a reader this pass week, he introduced me to a YouTube video which I felt should be shared.  It may sound like a movie at first, but is a possible future for humanity.



It’s Alive with A.I.

Recently, I decide to add a new category to Abnormal Realms called “It’s Alive” featuring topics that were once in the realm of science fiction now a reality in the world. This would include artificial intelligence, space travel, genetically modified pets, medicine and other advancements in technology. Here is a YouTube video that looks into A.I. and the social implications to accompany it.