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The Bell Witch Legend

The Bell Witch legend goes way back to the early 1800s when John Bell bought a property in the then called Red River, Tennessee and moved his family from North Carolina. The name of the town has since changed to Adams, Tennessee. John Bell acquired more land and he had a total acreage of 328 acres. He had six children in total, three born in North Carolina and three in Tennessee namely, Betsy, Richard and Joel. He began farming on his land and one day while he was out in the fields, he encountered a strange looking animal in the middle of the crops. He did the only natural thing he could do. He shot at it and missed, but it disappeared. However, later that night at the dinner table, the family began hearing strange noises and knocks on the walls of the family’s log house.

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Yurei Hails For A Taxi

I remember one Halloween, when I was 6 or 7 years old, wanting to dress in something scary while trick or treating. Around that time, my whole understanding of scary monsters were ghosts, dragons, bridge troll or any villain from a fairy tale. Keep in mind this was all before the Internet, DVD s, and even before VCR s with the only access to entertainment included books along with 12 channels on television. My final choice was a ghost and with mom’s help I dawn on the classic costume of an old bed sheet that had two eye holes cut out. This Halloween will have many spirits floating around as we look into the Japanese lore of Yurei in this week’s installment about monsters of nightmares.

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Why Dolls Creep Me Out

A haunted doll is a manufactured or handmade doll believed to be possessed, cured or haunted by paranormal forces. The item could had been used in an instrument in a magical ritual or been personal item to someone when they were alive but now the spirit becomes attached to the toy. There are a number of these dolls to exist within the world where some known locally while others reached global recognize through the internet. This YouTube Video talks about a few of them along with mysterious forces surrounding then.



Beware of Beautiful Women At Night

In studying legends and folklore from around the world, one also learns about existing cultural traditions and taboos. As an example, in parts of Asia there is a custom called ohagura involving dyeing one’s teeth black. This practice was mainly performed by women indicating their martial status, wealthy, and sexual maturity. The custom has existed in Japan for hundreds of years that may have given birth to the legend of Ohaguro-Bettari.

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On The Road Again

Hello everyone. Once again I find myself needing to travel for work and living out of a suitcase. Between the hours of the job and unreliable internet connect at the motel has made posting a bit of a challenge. With some luck, the work will end shortly and could return home to publish more articles on the paranormal along with a new podcast. My experience at this motel which has been a nightmare inspired this YouTube video.