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Don’t Walk Your Dog Here

Prior to the internet, most of my knowledge about the paranormal came from books, articles, magazines and journals. I read everything I could about UFOs, aliens, demons, ghosts, monsters, legends and even abnormalities in animal behaviour. There are cases about domestic pets that crossed hundreds of miles to reunite with family, know when their owner is coming home or alert when a supernatural entity is around. There was this one dark tale I read about involving dogs and a bridge in the U.K.

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Haunted Tales on Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone! I should be back home this weekend with work wrapping up on Friday. Got some ideas for new articles to post and maybe starting a fictional section on the blog. While working, talked with a few individuals who also shared interests in the paranormal. They informed about a placed they visited called Stull Cemetery where it is said a portal to hell opens. Here is a YouTube video that explains more.

Devil’s Gate Dam

As I child, I enjoy exploring places where I was warned not to go into or avoid after dark. They were the cemeteries, abandoned buildings, dark alleys and the forest. This curiosity all started from hearing a story about the area such as there’re ghosts, monsters, someone was murder or people went missing. I wanted to know if such tales were real and in the end most weren’t while others had some bases of truth. Most places would have one or two stories surrounding it, but when a location is just drowning in legends would you still go at night say for example the Devil’s Gate Dam.

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New Years and The Old House Woods

I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. With the season upon us, I will be taking some time with family and friends. I will see everyone back in 2015 at Abnormal Realms with new articles about the paranormal perhaps along with some new features. I hve been entertaining the idea of a podcast or even an internet radio station. Let me know on your thoughts on this by email. Now let’s end 2014 by concluding the series on haunted forests with Old House Woods.

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The Dungarvon Whooper

As far back I could remember, around the age of five, my first time going into the woods happened during a family camping trip. I recall being existed and amazed to all that nature had to offer. When exploring the forest, fear can easily take hold at hearing sounds you can’t identify and seeing things you are unfamiliar with. The woods had provided me with my first experience involving fear of the unknown. In continuing the serious on haunted forest, this week’s article is about the Dungarvon Whooper.

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