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Guest Post: Spring-Heeled Jack

Just as an update, I’ll be heading back home this weekend with my contract ending on Sunday. This week on Abnormal Realm, I would like to share with everyone a guest post from Christina Skelton about Spring-Heeled Jack. Enjoy.

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Cellular Memory

Most phenomenon hinting anything paranormal or even labelled ”out of normal” are easily be dismissed by science. Yet there are a few which are studied, such as human self-combustion, out of concerns the occurrence maybe true. A phenomenon to recently surfaced drawing the attention of the science and medical community is one involving organ transplant patients who suddenly undergo changes. Many reported experiencing different tastes in food, clothing, music, and transformation of attitude, passions and fears which seems to reflection to the life of the organ donor. One famous known case is Claire Sylvia, where she claimed her food preference altered after she received a heart and lungs from an eighteen-year old male donor.

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Forgotten Races

In the past, I have read my fair share of legends and myths from around the world.  I wonder if the folklore of giants, dwarves, and ogres were the works of fiction or a forgot truth to other races to have existed?  Much of earth’s past remains unknown and recent discoveries of other hominids has reshaped the human family tree.  What other humanoid races existed on the past? Could they still be alive today?  These questions and others were racing in my mind after watching this YouTube video.