What Is That Slime?

Ectoplasm is a term used for a substance or spiritual residue that exudes from the body of a medium during a seance. The word was first coined in 1894 by psychical researcher Charles Richet. During the 19th century spiritualism movement, many said they witnessed this phenomenon, however they were exposed as hoaxes made from cheesecloth, gauze, etc.

5 thoughts on “What Is That Slime?

  1. larryzb

    There have been some amusing hoaxes in spirit photography. One easy ploy for the DIY type person is to visit a cemetery late at night and light a smoking fire work behind a grave stone or other monument. Then snap a picture with the smoke hovering over the gravestone and claim this is a ghost. But, this is not recommended as people ought to respect the graves of the dead.

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  2. Mae Clair

    My most recent release, Cusp of Night, takes a close look at Spiritualism of the late nineteenth century, including the use of ectoplasm in seances. I found it fascinating researching the length mediums would go to to convince their “sitters” they were experiencing something supernatural.

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