Beyond Nightmares

In near death experiences, people who were clinical dead are revived share stories of experiencing something after death. Often such accounts describe leaving their body, travelling through a tunnel of light and being in a place surrounded with love or desceased family members. Howerver, there is a darker side of NDEs that is rarely heard. After death, people mention sinking down a hole entering a black void where there is nothingness. Others express what they described as Hades, Hells, or Jahannam engulfed in smoke and fire. In such accounts, people say they even encounter non-human entities.

4 thoughts on “Beyond Nightmares

  1. Mae Clair

    Very freaky! The lead character in my newest release experiences an NDE.
    I’ve read a few accounts of people who have had these, usually of the bright light and tunnel variety. The other (dark) one is too creepy to contemplate!

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    1. Gatekeeper Post author

      These stories are very frightening. What’s even more bizzare is people of different backgrounds, faiths and ethnicities report having such similar experiences when them came back.

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