What The Cards Hold For 2018

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, as we start off 2018 with this post. In the continuous pursuit of knowledge about the paranormal, I decided on the addition of a section for Abnormal Realm covering the mysticism within this world. This will contain information involving tarot cards, crystals, alchemist, divination, automatic writing and other supernatural practices. There are plans on contacting guess bloggers on sharing their expertise and experiences on such subjects.

In this first post, we look into tarot cards along with tarot card readings and there is no other person I know with a more intimate knowledge than Ashlie McDiarmid. Ashlie is trained and experienced in the art of tarot card reading, offering her services in person and online. She operates her own business, Tea and Tombstones, where she engages clients with their own customized reading sessions. Abnormal Realms welcomes Ashlie as the first guess blogger of 2018.

Tarot with Ashlie : Tea and Tombstones

I chose the name Tea and Tombstone because it embodies attributes about tarot that I believe are important to a successful reading. Tea nourishes, warms, and comforts our physical spaces. Tarot is meant to do just that. Tarot is meant to nourish us down to our very bones. Tombstones are about the collective timeline. The past, the present, and the future are all represented. Tarot is the collective timeline of symbolism, metaphor, and personal experience. We all have autonomy, but we make meaning from the same lexicon of images and definitions.

Tarot is also autonomous. There is no one governing body for tarot. There are mentors, certifications, and groups for support, but all are different. In November of 2017, I passed Biddy Tarot’s certification course. The wave of knowledge that comes ashore from a reading is humbling and strong. I believe that all the intricate, petal-woven parts of a reading reveal the bigger garden, lush and unique. That garden is each of us. We all hold the divine power to blossom. Tarot is the fertilizer to help give some oomph to the process.

My reading style honors both light and shadow for a complete understanding of your situation or circumstance. I am here to hold the torch while you search for the treasure. I work with both custom and standard spreads, depending on need. I work with intuition for the deeper meanings of the cards. I am, and will always be, a student of a tarot, but I do not regurgitate the same book meaning for each card and hope it applies to the seeker. I take the knowledge and morph it into my own meaning.

For example, The Fool (Card 0 in the Major Arcana) is the embodiment of the journey beginning. I see this, but I also see the layers underneath. There is an aspect of nature and nurture with the Fool. He is nurtured and inclined to fold himself into the world. He is nurtured to believe in the bright world, and all the beautiful bounty is can bestow on him. But, there is an aspect of nature too. As a small duckling, he must learn to fly. His wings are small and frail, but he must learn to meet and conquer this task. The Fool must learn the ways of the storm and sky. If he doesn’t, he will not survive.

Because of my beliefs and honor in the practice, I don’t read for absent 3rd parties because they are obtrusive in energy. I also go deeper than a yes/no. I do not predict the future, because I believe it hasn’t been written yet. I work with you, wherever you are on your own journey to help support and strengthen your understandings and actions. I work for you, because your light is the sole focus in our time together. I am honored to be a part of this ongoing topic with Vince, and I hope to work with you soon.

Thank you Ashlie. Anyone interested in learning more about tarot cards or have a personal reading done, here is Ashlie’s contact informaiton.

Website: https://teaandtombstones.com/
Email: teaandtombstones@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeaandTombstones/














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