The Hands See Everything

Where does the time go? Three years have now passed since starting Abnormal Realm and I would like to thank everyone for reading and following this blog along with your comments. During this period, I posted a number of articles about yokai which is a general reference used for the monsters, demons and spirits in Japanese folklore. These postings seem popular as there been an increasing request for them over the last year. In celebration of this anniversary, I will be posting more articles involving the paranormal and legends from Japan and Asia in the coming month as we first being with the Tenome.

In Japanese folklore, some yokai were once human, an animal or even a household. After being wronged in some way they manifested into a malevolent force seeking out revenge such as the Tenome. As legend goes, a blind old man was attacked by thugs while travelling down a road. The robbers viciously beaten the elder and left him to die alone. In agony, the old man cried out a curse wishing to had eyes to see their faces before succumbing to his injuries. After such resent-filled death, his spirit refused to rest and transformed into a Tenome.

Legends described this yokai as a ghost resembling an old man with no eyes as they were now coming out from the palms of his hands. Tenome wanders around open fields, graveyards and country roads at night seeking out those who killed him. The yokai would stick out his hands in front of his face to see, yet not knowing the faces of his attackers along with a blinded rage, anyone unfortunately enough to cross his path became a target.

In Japanese folklore, comforting Tenome meant certain death. The yokai was faster and stronger than a human and could track its victims by scent if they evaded his sight. Stories mention Tenome preyed upon people where he sucked all the blood and bones out the person leaving behind the skin. Most legends may mention how to fight off yokai, however there are few options to defeating this spirit other than warding, sealing or exorcising it.



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