Time For Neck Stretches

In Japanese legend, there are female creatures that look like normal humans called Rokurokubi or long neck woman. Unlike most yokai, these monsters were once former humans, transformed by a curse as punishment for some misdeed or evil act. The curse of the rokurokubi affects only women, even though the cause of it not be of their own.

The yokai appears as a young, beautiful woman and attempts to blend into society as an ordinary human. At night when their body is sleeping, their necks continuously grows longer allowing the head to move independently. During this time, the Rokurokubi would attack small animals such as pets, take pleasure in scaring people or knock over lamps and feed upon the spilled oil. Even thought most legends show the Rokurokubi to be nothing more of a nuisance, there are a few stories where the head stretches out a window in search for human prey.

During the day, one sign to watch out for to find a Rokurokubi is pale stretch marks along the neck. At night you can only image the obvious elongated neck being a sign there is something not right in the neighbourhood. According to folklore, the creäture hides her body at night as she is valuable with the head is detached. This would be the only time one could kill a Rokurokubi by either cutting the neck from the body or concealing the body from the head till morning resulting in the yokai’s death.



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