Too Many Mouths To Feed

A Futakuchi-onna is a type of yokai or monster told in Japanese folklore translated as the two mouthed woman. Legend describes this creature as a woman with a normal month on her face with another one concealed under the hair on the back of the head. The second one would appear as full function month with teeth, lips and a tongue when active. The Futakuchi-onna was once a human woman in life that became afflicted with a curse or supernatural sickness transforming them.

In several legends, the yokai is said to reflect on how little a woman eats often in stories where she is the wife of miser. The Futakuchi-onna, in another story, comes into existence when a parent allows her child to die from starvation. The child’s spirit returns to exact revenge by possessing the body and manifestation as the second month. Whatever the origins maybe, this creature appears as an original woman who conceals her true form until the last moment.

The Futakuchi-onna second month would act upon its own volition demanding food from the woman. If not feed, it uttered threats, scream obscenities and even inflict pain on the body. Once food is brought, the hair would move like serpents which the second month used to feed it self. Legends mentions the woman remained quiet with nothing passing through her front lips as the second month consumed twice the amount she would. Often in the past, when households suddenly experienced food shortage some believed a female family member became a Futakuchi-onna.

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