What Cries And Turns Into Bubbles?

Pennsylvania has many reported paranormal phenomena from ghosts to UFO sightings occurring for decades. The state is even home to several famous cryptids such as Bigfoot, Mothman, Goatman along with a few visitation by the New Jersey Devil. One of the lesser known and probably the most pitiful of creatures believe to inhabit the northern-western woods of Pennsylvanian is the Squonk.

The Squonk is a legendary animal believed to live within the Hemlock forests in the north-western part of the state. They are described timid and ugly in appearance as the creature’s skin is sagging while covered with moles and warts. Legends claim the Squonk is constantly weeping because its ashamed of its body and will often try to avoid being seen. This creature is said to have a unique ability to escape capture from hunters by dissolving completely into a pool of tears and bubbles when cornered.

One well-known story about a captured Squonk told in Pennsylvania involves a man named J.T Wentling. Sometime in the early 1900s, the creature’s skin was valuable and Mr Wentling when out hunting for one. One night with a full moon, he tracked the animal down by following the glistening trail made from its tears. Upon sighting the Squonk, Mr Wentling coaxed it into a bag by imitating the creature’s weeping under a hemlock tree. While carried his prize home, he suddenly noticed that the bag was lighter, and on opening it, found nothing inside but tears and bubbles. This maybe the source of their scientific name, Lacrimacorpus dissolvens, from the Latin words for “body tears”

The legend of the Squonk has been spoken in Pennsylvania since the early 19th century with the first written account made in book by William T. Cox called Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods, With a Few Desert and Mountain Beasts (1910). Lumberjacks and hunters were mainly the source of early sightings of the creature. Several cryptozoologist theorize the Squonk maybe resulted from encounters with malformed wild boars within the time period as there are no new accounts of the creature reported.


Th Squonk


1 thought on “What Cries And Turns Into Bubbles?

  1. Mae Clair

    I love the legend of the Squonk. From the time I first stumbled over the tale, it’s become one of my favorite. Even the name of the creature is unique. It reminds me of something from Dr. Seuss. The Squonk is just so woebegone you can’t help but feel for them.



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