Death From Above

What if one late afternoon, you are out for a walk when you spot an unusual, large shadow in motion along the ground. In surveying the surroundings, you are unable to find its source until something overhead catches your attention. Circling above appears to be a massive winged creature resembling a hawk or even a bat. As you observe this animal hovering around, it suddenly turns directions and swoops down at you. What do you do?

Back in 1998 while watching the 7th Voyage of Sinbad there was a scene where the heroes were fighting off a monstrous two head bird which prompt my friend Pat to ask me what we would do if such a situation. Often such movies or even TV shows would begin a discussion on how to react when facing certain paranormal phenomena. In this case, the hypothetical scenario is surviving an encounter with a colossal predator capable of carrying off a human being.

Currently, one the biggest carnivorous bird in the world is the California Condor with a wingspan of 10 feet. Does a large predator even exist? In many parts of the world, there are many legends told of such creatures flying within the skies. From Middle-Eastern folklore, comes the myth of the Roc depicting a gigantic hawk that carries away elephants to feed upon. In Western Zambia is the myth of a pterosaur-like creature called the Kongamato said to prey about local natives. In this scenario, the bird of prey being encountered is an enormous hawk.

What Pat and I had established this creature would follow through with the same attack pattern as another predatory bird. It would swoop down using it talons to knock down the prey or pick it to thrush around or even drop from a height. Once upon the ground, the predator would attempt to pin or subdue the target with its talons and proceed to finish off the target by piercing valuable parts on the body such as the neck with its beak. On that note, unless armed with a ranged weapon like a gun or crossbow, you want to avoid any direct confrontation and only concentrate on evasion and escape. Here is a suggest course of action Pat and I deceived.

Now as I mentioned in earlier articles, when encountering anything you been told doesn’t exist in this world, the human brain will go into a meltdown attempting to make sense of the situation. This will result in you either being frozen in fear, going into shock or instantly panicking. By any means, you need to avoid entering into such a state and if all possible stay calm to evaluate the circumstance.

1.) Ask yourself, if what you are observing is real? Is there anything artificial about the creature attacking you? You would not be the first person to the victim of a prank or walked into a movie set.

2.) If the predatory bird is real, you need to immediately seek cover and get out of the creature’s view. Being out in the open puts you at a disadvantage as this large bird can quickly be upon you or carry you off. Observer your surroundings and find any place that can shelter you. Buildings, storm drains, vehicles, caves, thick tree canopy or any overhead structures which could hide you.

4.) Once you found somewhere to take cover, start running in a zig zag pattern towards that place as this would make you harder to target by the bird. However, if the creatures is already swooping down at you, do not run away or go immediately left or right as it could still adjust its approach. You need to remain stationary and hope to find an opening along with some good timing to dodge out the creatures away.

5.) Upon reaching the shelter, survey the area of anything which could be improvise as a weapon such as rocks, glass, sticks, even dirt and observe the creature. More then likely, the bird of prey will land and try to reach you with its beak and talons. If possible keep distance and/or evade attacks. Anything you were able to find in the immediate area throw at the bird’s head targeting the eyes. Hopefully this will discourage the creature to give up and seek our easier prey. At this point, if you are able to contact anyone by cell phone remember to mention you are being assaulted and need of aid without making any reference to the creature. Saying you are being attacked by a 20 ft hawk would likely get no help from anyone.

Now in this hypothetical scenario, if armed with a ranged weapon such as a rifle go ahead in protecting yourself by any means and maybe in the end hosting the largest BBQ in neighbourhood.


2 thoughts on “Death From Above

  1. jfwknifton

    Excellent advice. Personally, if you are a prankster and pretend to be a monster and you get shot, I think that is justifiable self defence. Mind you, a person who can be a convincing 20 foot hawk deserves an Oscar!


    1. Gatekeeper Post author

      Thanks for commenting John. I know some people have been using drones in such scenarios in making them appear as large bats, witches, and even spiders. Here is a link if you are interested in checking these pranks out.



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