What Has Science Created Now?

Ever wondered how far science has come in genetic modifications?  Here is a YouTube video to answer that.



2 thoughts on “What Has Science Created Now?

  1. davidcalvert108

    I was recently conducting research for a sci-fi story I’m writing and came across an article on human cloning in which the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) were attempting to engineer futuristic ‘super soldiers’ and modify their genetic material with reptilian DNA. Apparently, they wanted soldiers who could regenerate limbs lost in battle, to be able to kill without remorse and feel no pain, terror, or fatigue. If memory serves me right, the program was allegedly shut down because of funding, or so it is was claimed. This brings into question the true origins of the so-called ‘Gray’ and ‘reptilian’ aliens witnessed during close encounters of the first kind.



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