What Would You Do If A Small Cryptid Attacked You?

What if one late night you are walking down a street on your way back home. Maybe out for some exercise or even returning from a movie. Your eye catches something dragging from the side of a building and runs unto the street crossing your path. Before you is a creature with one or more distinguishing characteristics revealing its not a household pet or any other known local wildlife. The animal may have glowing eyes, other appendages protruding from the back or moving around on its hind legs. You stop to observe this curious site, while guessing what it could be. The creature halts after noticing you and starts acting aggressively, what do you do?

The above scenario, I pondered upon along with a friend many years ago. Like myself, Pat had an interest in the paranormal. Where I held hopes in becoming an investigator working out in the field, he just pursued a hobby in studying the unknown. Often, we had discussions about how to approach or handle certain possible encounters. There was access to an abundance information to the types of paranormal phenomena out there in the world, yet little to nothing existed on what to do if ever confronted. Many may view this as trivial, but Pat believed in preparation for any situation. Since I wanted a career in paranormal investigation, he suggested such exercises would benefit in adapting to future brushes with the unexplained.

Pat and I, would pitch each other plausible dilemmas such as face to face with cryptids, being abducted by aliens or walking through a interdimensional tear. The proposed paranormal phenomenon which we can one day confronted got referred from what we read about or the documentaries we watched. Then for each circumstance, we devised a plan to follow through with if such events were to occur The steps taken would be what Pat and I though was reasonable and/or logical to the situation happening.

The scenario mentioned in the beginning of this article was a past discussion with my friend where we composed a few strategies on how to react. Even though all this maybe hypothetical, any research into cryptozoology, you’ll discovery such experiences had occurred. In the town of Dover, Massachusetts on April 1977, several witnesses claimed seeing an animal described at 3 feet tall with a large, watermelon-shaped head, enormous, orange eyes, and long, thin legs and arms with wiry finger. This unearthly looking creature would be named the Dover Demon. In the small town of Loveland Ohio on May, 1955, a business man alleges he saw several humanoid reptiles 3 to 4 feet tall with webbed hands and feet along with leathery wandering down a road. They would be referred as the Loveland Frog. Many other cases been reported across the global through human history.

Now going back to the pervious scene, before you stands a strange-looking creature acting aggressively, what do you do? Here is a basic guideline Pat and I composed if we were in such a predicament. First to mention, the encounter maybe stressful and terrifying, but if all possible attempt to stay calm despite the difficulty. You will need to evaluate the situation as any knowledge gained through observation could helpful in your response.

1.) Any possibility you are the victim of a prank? With the increasing popularity of the YouTube platform someone may have set you up for video to record. Is there anybody nearby, if yes how are they behaving? Could they recording? Is there anything unnatural in the way the creature is moving? In some cases, people had dressed up dogs in a large bug costume and send them chasing after bystanders. What noises is the animal making? Are the sounds mechanical? Some people constructed drones to resemble large bats which they try to scare people with.

2.) Are you into the party scene? What medications are you taken. Is there anything artificial you taken that could alter your perception or cause a hallucinations. Any chance of something in your system making you see things?

3.) If you eliminated the earlier stated conditions and convinced the creature you are facing is real, then treat the incident as encountering any other wild animal. Make yourself motionless and rigid. Observe its’ actions. If the creature is acting aggressively, but doesn’t approach, stand sideways and slowly walk backwards to gain distance. Don’t turn your back on the animal and try to keep it in your peripheral vision without making direst eye contact. With some luck, the hostile behaviour was a show for you to back off. With you disengaging the creature would see you not as a threat and wonder off. Now, if you are the curious type wanting to follow and observe the animal, whatever happens falls upon you. Or if you desire to pull out a smart phone to take pictures or record a video, this is not advisable. This action could be dangerous as you are to maintain focus on the creature at all times and no one knows how it will react to a flash. The smart phone should be only pulled out as weapon which is later explained

4.) If the creatures starts to approach you may need to prepare to fight it. Running is not an option, since most animals can easily outpace a human being. At this point, yell, scream or shout at the creature as the noise may discourage or intimate it to leave If not and time permitting, ready yourself for the eventual attack. If you have a purse or backpack use it as a shield in your weaker hand or quickly warp your weaker arm with a shirt or jacket to block attacks. Arm your stronger hand with keys, pen, smart phone or anything else that can an impressive weapon. Nothing is available be ready to throw out punches

5.) Once the creatures starts assaulting, fight with all your might as the situation has become life threatening. Kicks to the face will aid in keeping distance. Use the weaker arm to block bites, claw swipes or tail lashing while using the strong hand to attack the animal’s face. Concentrate blows to the eyes, month and throat. Hopefully these action will convince the creature to retreat.

6.) Seek immediate medical attention for any wounds. Any questions about what assaulted you, discretion is advised on what information you give Just give an honest answer as you did not recognize the animal attacking you. Give guesses as maybe a raccoon or a dog. Consider the reaction people will give on mentioned you fought a chupacabra as you maybe hounded by cryptozoologist wanting to know your story. The choice is always yours to make.

What you read up to this point is a hypothetical scenario, I thought to share with everyone as it was an interesting topic of discussion with an old friend. If there is anything to take away from this article is some interesting information about cryptozoology. However, on the off-chance you do experience such an occurrence you now have some idea on what to do.


8 thoughts on “What Would You Do If A Small Cryptid Attacked You?

  1. Mae Clair

    Although I would never want to come face to face with an aggressive cryptid, hypothesizing about the situation would make for an interesting discussion. I bet you and your friend had plenty of them—er, discussions, not encounters with cryptids 😉


    1. Gatekeeper Post author

      You would be right Mae. Pat and I, had many discussion possible scenario that one could encounter while investigating the paranormal. I just wish I could remember most of them. I been playing around with the idea of maybe posting a few more similar articles in the near future.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. TyrannosaurUniversity

    Could you do a post on what if you saw a larger cryptid, like mokele mbembe or the loch ness monster? I assume that would be a very different scenario as there would be a lot more running and hiding


    1. Gatekeeper Post author

      Thanks for commenting. I could do a requested post, just need to know from which of the following scenarios for the encounter. The cryptid and you are both in the water, the cryptid is in the water and you’re on land or both are on land. Reply back with your choice.


      1. TyrannosaurUniversity

        Thank you. I think you are on a boat/raft and the cryptid is in the water would be cool, as then it would be a very different playing field. Also, the cryptid is acting aggressively/advancing towards you, because just seeing it and backing away is a no-brainer.


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