Why Does This Always Happen When I’m On The Toilet?

The Japanese folklore told over the centuries contain horrifying tales of demons, monsters and spirits. Such stories still continue today in the form of urban legends depicting supernatural forces to haunt forests, homes, offices and schools. There are many myths said among the populace within Japan for even the bathroom holds its share of terrors. In concluding this three part series of unearth entities to curse the toilet, here is the legend of Kashima Reiko. You may not want to read any further, as the urban legend warns hearing this ghost story could result in a visitation by the spirit within a month. Proceed at your own caution.

Kashimo Reiko is an urban legend told around school yards about the ghost of a woman with no legs that haunts bathrooms. As the story goes, she was a woman who lived in the city Hokkaido, Japan. While using the restroom one night, Kashima Reiko was assaulted by a group of men that beaten and raped her. Left to die, she crawled around crying out for help, yet no one came. Misfortune only continued for this woman, as somehow she pulled herself on a railway track and gone unconscious with an incoming train. This resulted in Kashima Reiko’s death with her body severed into two pieces at the waist. The urban legend says she became a vengeful spirit forever wandering the earth in search of her legs.

Now, if you had decided to ignore the warning stated before and continued on reading, then welcome to the frightening part of the myth. Once you hear Kashima Reiko”s story, she would appear to you within a month and in all places the bathroom. There, the ghost will ask you questions which if not answered correctly she will rip your legs offs.

Now, on the possibility in a month from now, a legless woman manifest before you while on the toilet, here is how to survive the encounter according to urban legend. If Kashima Reiko asks “Where are my legs?”, respond with “at Meishin Expressway”. She will follow-up with “ Who told you that?” and the answer is “Kashima Reiko told me.” On the chance the ghost wants to you to say here name, immediately say “Mask Demon Death” and nothing else. In the myth, those to had said “Kashima” instead got killed on the spot. Hopefully if all goes right, your legs are still intact and she disappears moving on to next poor soul who heard about Kashima Reiko.


10 thoughts on “Why Does This Always Happen When I’m On The Toilet?

    1. Gatekeeper Post author

      Thanks for commenting Kenneth and I have not idea on how many spirits could occupy a bathroom. If you and the wife are every interested in sharing your paranormal experience, I would love to hear it.

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