Who Is The Owlman?

Happy New Year everyone, I hope everybody enjoyed their holidays with family and friends. As 2017 is starting, there are a few projects in the works in the upcoming months here at Abnormal Realms. With a new podcast microphone and laptop, I plan on developing a few more Ed’s Creepypastas, videos about cryptids and maybe even a vlog along with more postings about the paranormal. To bring in the New Year, this week I’ll be talking about the Owl man. In cryptozoology, this creature falls under the classification of flying humanoids like the Jersey Devil and Mothman.

This cryptid is described as half-man, half owl with the first sightings happening in 1976 by two young girls in the village of Mawnan in Cornwall, Britain. June and her sister Vicky were walking in the woods on the evening of April 17 near the Mawnan’s church. Both reported witnessing a large creature flying around the building’s tower screeching. The two girl became frightened and run off to alert their father of the creature. They described what they seen as a large feathery bird man that reflected in the drawing June made.

On July 3, a second sighting of the Owl man was made by 14-year-old Sally and her friend, Barbara. Both girls were out camping in the wood when suddenly they heard a hissing sound from outside their tent. When they went to investigate the source of the noise, they confronted a large figure described to be a cross between a man and owl with glowing reds, pointed ears with sharp claws as fight. The Owl man then took to the air and flew off leaving the girls forever haunted by this encounter.

Over the years, the cryptid continued to be sighted around Mawnan. In 1989, a couple reported seeing a huge bird like creature flying overhead they described being five fee tall with a human shaped body. The most recent sighting occurred in 1995, as mentioned in a letter to the local newspaper by a female tourist claiming to observed a flying bird-man with glowing eyes, pointed ears and clawed wings.

Some cryptozoologists speculate the creature to be an unknown species of large owls to had moved into the area. Others had suggested the Owl man to be some inter dimensional beings to periodically visit this reality. However, as in any matter involving the paranormal, many are skeptical about this phenomenon and believe to be a hoax.




6 thoughts on “Who Is The Owlman?

  1. jfwknifton

    An excellent account but a fairly flimsy monster. Ordinary owls are not seen very often by most people and can be strange and frightening. Girls of that age may well be capable of embroidering the events they witnessed and finally, I know that area of Cornwall quite well, and it has many bird sanctuaries for the tourist. All of them will have at least one owl, usually a Barn Owl but quite often a Bengal Eagle Owl which is pretty large. Escapes from these sanctuaries are not infrequent, but we tend not to hear about them because the birds don’t know how to hunt, and quite often return home of their own volition.


  2. The Reverend Matt Cook

    I’ve been to mawnan smith and it’s a most beautiful place. I’ve done a little research on the owlman as downs in his book the owlman and others suggests the church was built on or near a more ancient site. I’ve not been able to verify this and I wonder if that is something anyone else knows about.


    1. Gatekeeper Post author

      Thanks for commenting. I heard a few stories involving the locations. Some mention bout a portal somewhere within the building where the creature enters and leaves from another world.



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