Flying Humanoids: The Houston Batman

Cryptozoology is the study of animals, plants and other creatures that have not yet been accepted by science to exist or be real. Creatures that are studied and investigated by cryptozoologists are called cryptids. There are classifications of these cryptids into categories such as mammals, hominids, birds, legendary, extraterrestrial and so on. One unusual group listed in cryptozoology involves creatures labeled as winged humanoids. They are beings with human like or shaped bodies possessing the ability of flight by means of feather or bat-like wings. The New Jersey Devil, the Mothman and the Owlman of Cornwall would fall under this category along with a lesser known cryptid the Houston Batman

In 1953, among the headlinew of Houston Chronicle was an article reporting a frightening encounter with the unknown creature that would later be called the Houston Batman or Horror. A 23 year old housewife, Hilda Walker, along with two of her neighbours, Judy Meyer and Howard Phillip, were sitting on the front porch talking. Hilda sudden noticed a large shadow moving across the yard. She pointed out to the others what she observed and they all became frozen in fear after they found the source of the shadow.

All three claimed to witness what appeared as a man flying above the houses. They described it’s body human-shaped, dress in a body tight black outfit resembling a paratrooper’s suit, with a pair of attached bat style wings. The creature was said to stand over six feet in height and surrounded in a glowing haze, yellow in colour. It flew around for a few minutes then suddenly vanish from the witnesses’ sight. Hilda reported the incident to local police the following morning which eventually was picked up by the local news media.

Over the decades, there has been other unconfirmed sightings of the Houston Batman during the late 80s, mid 90s and in the early 2000s as posts on the Internet. The creature’s true nature has been a heated topic of debate. Some cryptozoologists theorize it to be unknown species much like the New Jersey Devil. Now just to note, during the same time people reported spotting UFOs over Houston resulting in suggestions the being to be an alien. There has been conspiracy theories to implied the creature was Spring Heel Jack that once terrorized the streets of London in the late 19th century as both carry similar characteristics. Many speculate the Houston Horror was nothing more than a played out hoax on Hilda Walker and her neighbours.

Sightings of flying humanoids are truly one of the world’s most bizarre mysteries as the Houston Batman is not an isolated occurrence in Texas. In some southern state and Mexico during the early 2000s a new phenomenon unfolded involving reported sightings of Unidentified Flying Humanoids. People were witnessing human or human-like creatures flying, hovering or floating in the air with any noticeable means such as wings. The Internet holds many video recording of such encounters along with a mountain of theorizes which may become a posted article in the near future on Abnormal Realm.




Coleman, Loren.(2001.) Mysterious America. New York: Pocket Books

5 thoughts on “Flying Humanoids: The Houston Batman

  1. davidcalvert108

    The skeletal features of bats are comparable to those of humans and most other mammals. Unlike most birds – which have hollow bones – the bones of bats are typically small and delicate and are lengthened to provide support for the wing membranes. If this is true of the ‘6ft tall’ bat-man with a 16ft wingspan, then it would be impossible for the wing bones to support its weight in flight. Its humanoid form also creates a major problem concerning flight, insofar as it is not aerodynamically shaped.

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    1. Gatekeeper Post author

      Agreed Dave. Under the assumption the event occurred, I would say the wings were just to give the appearance of flight while concealing the true means,


      1. David Calvert

        What intrigues me is the yellowish light surrounding it. Could it be some kind of projection, like a hologram for example? We become so engrossed in the ‘creatures’ themselves that we tend to lose sight of the smaller details that can sometimes hold valuable clues as to the true nature of the phenomenon.


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