Atmospheric Beasts: Revision

Since 2014, I came to learn of two new creatures classified within cryptozology. Back in January of that year, a friend informed me about Batasquatch which I believe maybe another internet fabrication after hearing about Sheepsquatch. Articles about both creatures are posted on Abnormal Realm. In addition, I became aware of the other cryptid, atmospheric beasts, being the main subject of this article.

Atmospheric beasts are the strangest of creatures yet classified within cryptozoology. They are reported to be living organisms inhabiting the earth’s atmosphere flying without the need for wings. These creatures are believed to be lighter than air spending their entire life within the sky. Some cryptozologists theorize the atmospheric beasts to be either low-density or filled with gases, such as hydrogen, allowing them to fly or float.

These creatures have been described to appear in the shape of balloons or clouds. This led to speculations atmospheric beasts may possess the ability to change size, density and even colour. Also, eyewitness accounts of these organisms mention some with tentacles, snake like shapes and even resembling a jelly fish. Such accounts may indicate the life-forms have invertebrate’s bodies.

A few cryptozologists suggested these atmospheric creatures may existed within earth’s skies for centuries. They have been undetected by humans while the few spotted mentioned in folklore. Even modern UFO sightings could be atmospheric beasts. However on the reverse side, one could argue these creatures were of alien origin. Which I then must ask why are any organisms that defies the current norm of living-things are automatically assumed to be an alien. This has been applied to Bigfoot, the Chupabarbra, Dover demon just to name a few. Now anyone is entitled to their opinion, as for myself, I could accept the idea atmospheric beast are an undiscovered species, a mutation, or even extra dimensional, but alien is difficult. If any creature from another other world was to survive on earth, the environment it originated from would be to be exactly the same. This means gases in the atmosphere, gravity, UV, radiation, water, etc must be similar to earth’s. Any slight difference will result in death and I could not imagine the odds of exact duplication of environments to evolve on other planet. Yet I degrees

In my research, several cryptozologists have claimed to classify several atmospheric beasts as sky serpents, atmosphere jellyfish and flying rods. These flying rods caught my interest, as only pictures and videos reveal their existence. They are speculated to be completely naked to the human eye. These creatures are described as unified cylinders, different in lengths with what appears as hairs, fins or tiny wings along the side of the body. The presence of flying rods became widely known in the 1990s through the Internet.


Possible image of what some cryptozologists called "Flying Rods"

Possible image of what some cryptozologists called “Flying Rods”


Hall, Jamie. “The Cryptid Zoo. Atmospheric Beasts”. New Animal. August 19, 2014.



7 thoughts on “Atmospheric Beasts: Revision

  1. Mae Clair

    This is one of those tales I love. I’ve done some reading on “jellyfish of the air.” Are you familiar with William Reich who supposedly conducted an experiment with photographer Norman Leistig in 1953? They used an “orgone-charged” rod to attract one of the creatures and supposedly captured it on film. You can see the results at this link:

    Scroll down to the second photo. Pretty bizarre!


    1. Gatekeeper Post author

      I heard of Wilhelm Reich’s theories on orgone energy and up until now I was not aware of this story. Thanks for sharing. Also followed the link and the image is very creepy.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. davidcalvert108

    The “flying rods” are actual living creatures. However, they aren’t cryptids. Their origins are quite prosaic. They are normal, fast flying, insects which have been captured on a film using a slow shutter speed. Their stretched out form and apparent multiple wings are merely photographic artifacts created by the shutter’s slow speed. This can be proven empirically. The next time you see flying insects, simply set your shutter speed to a low setting and start clicking off a few images. You’ll be amazed at the results.

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