The Dover Demon: Revision

The Dover Demon is a cryptid that was sighted on several occasions in the town of Dover, Massachusetts on April 1977. It was first spotted outside a bar, by three teenager boys driving through the area at night. Bill Bartlett, reported what he saw standing in front car headlights, was at first he thought an animal, turned to a bizarre, unearthly-looking creature. He described it to be 3 feet tall with a large, watermelon-shaped head, enormous, orange eyes, and long, thin legs and arms with wiry fingers. The creature also mentioned as hairless, very plain, with no nose or ears, along with no mouth seen.

Later that night, the Demon got spotted by two other teenager boys, who observed it running into a gully. The next day, Abby Brabham and Will Traintor claimed to have witnessed a similar-looking creature, but in Brabham’s description it had green eyes. The sketches drew revealed a common creature witnesses saw which to this day remains unidentified. Cryptozoologist remain divided to what the Dover Demon could be, resulting in several theories from alien to an albino baby mouse. The name was originally coined by cryptozoologist Loren Coleman.

What few know about the Dover Demon is its similarity to the Cree folklore of a race of trickster spirits called the Mannegishi. These creatures are described as 3 to 4 ft tall, either hairy or hairless, humanoids with gray skin, including thin arms and leg. Like the Dover Demon, they possess large heads, with no nose, ears or mouth, and large glowing eyes. According to Cree mythology, the Mannegish are an aquatic race living between the rocks in rapids who enjoy playing pranks and jokes by capsizing any boats entering into the river.


Image inspired from the original sketches of the Dover Demon

Image inspired from the original sketches of the Dover Demon



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6 thoughts on “The Dover Demon: Revision

  1. jfwknifton

    I really liked that. I had always thought that this particular creature was a hoax but things change when the Native American Seal of Approval is awarded. If anybody knows about nature in the USA it’s them!



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