These Ain’t Your Seven Dwarves

A while ago, Ed was to hand me off one of his original works to be posted as a creepypasta on Abnormal Realm. However, being written on paper, then placed among a stack of other paper, it soon disappeared in the mess of what he would like to call his office space. Recently, Ed found the story and is now posting for your reading pleasure.

As published on the Darken Souls Paranormal Investigations website

Darken Souls > Native American Legends and Myths > Monsters

The Teihillhan

Among the Arapaho, Gros Venture, and Cheyenne Nations, there are oral stories told about an ancient, evil race of cannibal dwarves called the Teihillhan. These creatures described as the size of children, dark-skinned, hairy and to have a large belly as they were gluttons. In the legends, the Teihillhan possessed great strength and could either turn invisible at will or had super speed because they were hard to spot. These dwarves had been feared by the natives, as they hungered for human flesh and would attack children or the elderly. In some myths, the Teihillhan were bloodthirsty, constantly craving for battle which led to an ancient war with native tribes resulting in the race’s annihilation.


Sam: May 8

An interesting read. Thanks for posting it.

David: May 10

Hello Darken Souls. I am a bit of a paranormal buff myself and enjoy visiting your site. This legend you posted about the Teihillham caught my interest and it sounds similar to a situation involving with my younger sister. About 20 years, my family moved to Helena, Montana and being new to the area we had no friends. Within a few months, I met a few people, but my sister was shy and often avoided talking with strangers. I guess that is why she made up some imaginary friends to play with. I vaguely remember this one time asking her who they were. She told me their names were Oga and Doga. I thought the names were odd, though after she described them was a whole new level of strange. These ain’t your seven dwarves from any fairy tail. My sister depicted Oga and Doga to be these short men wearing old, torn children clothing tightly with their bellies sticking out. They had long hair, beards and both of their skin was gray. This was weird, even for a little seven year old girl to image. After a while, she stopped playing with them and I can’t recall why. The post reminded me of Oga and Doga and though I mention them. Freaky stuff right. Good article guys.

Anonymous: May 10

Scary stuff David. Sister had any issues?

Jean: May 13

Seen the link on social media. Thought to check it out and now I am freaking. Something identical happened to my cousin Steve when we were younger. I live down the line from Helena, in Townsend, and I’m not making up this up. During a family dinner at grannies, Steve talked about this new friend he meet, named “Mr. Belly”. I asked him what kind of kid gets called “Mr. Belly.” He told me that is what he named him. Steve explained his new friend was a short, hairy man that waddle when he walked due to his large stomach and why he picked the name. I thought it was strange. Anyway, Steve asked if I wanted to meet “Mr. Belly” and play explorer with them out at my uncle’s farm. Now, back then as a kid, I didn’t like my cousin, along with most kids who know Steve and why I said “NO.” Maybe his feelings got hurt, but I really don’t recall. What happened a few days later, I would never forget, as he went missing. The state police plus locals searched for him and found him out in the woods. When Steve had been asked what happened, he told everyone “Mr. Belly” and he went playing in the forest, until “Mr. Belly” attacked him and tried to drag him away. He managed to get away and hide under some boulders, up till a rescuer discovered him. My aunt flipped out and thought my cousin went insane. She got him to see a bunch of children doctors and since then has been heavily medicated. I believed for years he was crazy and now I not certain.

Anonymous: May 13

I smell bull —-. Come on guys. What —- are you trying to convince us here?

Anonymous: May 14

Guessing there is something in Montana’s water. Everyone must be going crazy in the state.

Andy: May 17

I was hesitant to write this, but after some reflection, I needed to say something about Tom. I live in Deer Lodge, Montana and like David and Jean, I knew someone with the same imaginary friend. Back in the 80s, when I was in grade school, there was this kid named Tom. He was a bit different from everyone else. He had difficulties in learning which the other children often teased and made fun of him. Tom would often be withdrawn, quiet and sat alone. I sort of remember one day on the school bus, he was happy, just smiling away, which was unusual for him to do. Unlike the others, I tried to be nice and occasionally talked with him. I was curious to know why he was in a good mood that day. I went up to Tom and asked why he was so happy. He said the day before, he made a new friend called “Peaches”. An odd name that led to the next question what was “Peaches” like. He mentioned about meeting this girl who came out of a hole from the ground looking for a friend. She had gray skin, a lot of hair along with a large body like the shape of a peach, hence the name. Tom continued with once he got home, they were going to play in play hide-and-seek in the forest. I told him “Peaches” sounded creepy which upset him, causing a big scene at school. Parents got called in, I got into trouble and labeled a bully. However, to this day, I feel bad for what occurred. A day later, Tom went missing. There were searches and an investigation, yet he was never found. His father was even suspected and questioned. I know this will sound crazy for asking, but could these things be real?

Anonymous: May 25

A few years back, I saw some weird —- and believed I must be seeing things. After reading this —-, I am now thinking maybe it was real. I am not saying my name or where I live. I don’t want anyone knowing who I am, but I do want to share this with everybody. All I will say is I do live in Montana like the others. This went down back in high school. A friend and I were at one of them parks on the edge of town. Not going to say what we were doing, but it was late at night and we were out for a little fun. Out of nowhere, these three kids came darting out from the forest, looked they were arguing among themselves. They were really freaky. First, who lets their kids wander the streets at one in the morning. Second, the clothing they had on were tight and torn in places with parts of their body bulging out. They were some —- oversize kids, I am telling you. In the moonlight, I would swear one of them even had facial hair. I pointed them out to my friend who froze in shock and then I knew he was seeing the same —-. I leaned closer to the windshield to try to make them out a bit better, but accidentally hit the car’s horn. They heard it and then they just vanished. I am not talking about running back into the woods. They went puffed!! Faded away like ghosts. My friend and I got the —- out of there and haven’t talked about it since. All this time, I thought what we were doing caused a hallucination or something. Then, with this —- you got here has got me thinking maybe they were real. Now I was never one to believe in monsters or ghosts. Could we be dealing with aliens?

Anonymous: May 25

What is with this —-. Are all all —- nuts?

Jack: May 26

Messed up. I would not want to live in Montana now, after reading this.

Anonymous: June 1

First of all I need to mention I am a state trooper in area. I need to remain anonymous. I don’t wish for this connected back to me or my identity known as it will jeopardize my career. However, I want everyone to realize the seriousness of this matter. The disappearances within the region are real, in fact it is the highest rate in the state along with the number of open cases of missing children. In talking with other veteran officers this phenomenon has been occurring as far back as the 1930s. I have been on the force for some time and always believed that there is a logic explanation to this such as runaways, kidnappings, accidents up until after an incident from a year ago. I’m not going into it except the experience revealed something is happening in the area that may related to what you posted here. Also, I recently talked with a retired sheriff who mentioned back in 1978, he was part of a task force investigating the remains of children aged four to nine found in a cave by two archaeology students while excavating for native artifacts. State and federal officials along with the FBI were all involved in this case which remains open today with no leads to a killer. I am sure you can check the Internet to confirm the story. However, the real reason I am commenting here at all is to advise anyone who many be thinking of checking it out, conduct an investigate or maybe seeking for a thrill not to come down here. You may be asking for more trouble than you can handle. A paranormal group from Helena, Montana went investigating these cases believing to be of UFO abductions got reported as missing persons since last year. Something must be said or at least warned.


3 thoughts on “These Ain’t Your Seven Dwarves

  1. davidcalvert108

    How creepy is that? I am currently working on a new blog about externalised thought forms (ETFs), commonly referred to as “tulpas” The similarities between these stories and the research I’ve conducted into ETFs is quite remarkable. I hope to have the article completed over the next couple of days.

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