Skinwalker Ranch

This week, I received an email from Dawn in British Columbia, Canda wanting to know what the Skinwalker Ranch was about. The ranch is a place in Utah believed a hot bed of paranormal and UFO activity, while skeptics dismissed it as an elaborated hoax. There is a mountain of information out there about this subject, so here is an YouTube Video I found that gives some basic detail.


3 thoughts on “Skinwalker Ranch

  1. Mae Clair

    I don’t usually watch vids (just a weird thing I have that I prefer to read) but this one was pretty good. I’ve read a lot of fictional accounts that play on skinwalkers. Also of note I’ve hears that UFO/strange light sightings and animal mutilations often go hand-in-hand.


  2. TheStrangest

    Skinwalker Ranch has always been an intriguing place. The happenings there are very reminiscent of places that are under the control of Jinn – strange lights in the sky, apparitions of otherworldly things, weird noises, big dogs etc.



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