Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team

On Abnormal Realm, this week’s posting features the Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team based from Kaukauna, Wisconsin, USA. This is a non-profit organization founded by Josh Vande Wettering back in September, 2009 offering services throughout the Wisconsin state. Other members within the group are David Kedzior, lead investigator and pranic therapist, Sephanie new_logoSawyer, forensics specialist and investigator and Dee Viotto ,public relation and investigator.

The Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team was formed on three principles which is reflected in their mission statement on their website which “is to help those affected by what could be paranormal activity, document paranormal activity, and educate the public more on the paranormal field.” All cases the study are approached with the scientific method in the gathering of facts and evidence. Services offered the group include investigations and research, public speaking with presentations, pranic therapy, and referrals to trusted ministerial guidance and cleansing of properties, to include exorcisms. There are no charges for investigations.

I have been in contact with David Kedzior, lead investigator for the Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team, through email and eventually over the phone. We discussed about the group’s history, members and past investigations along with details on several interesting pieces of evidence they collected. Some of their research, studies and analysis conducted can all be found on their website. Here is a Q&A with more information about Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team.

The team’s experience with the paranormal, say how past investigations went?

Our primary experience is with investigations. Both in residential and public areas. Since 2009, we’ve done over 100 cases. Not all cases turn into investigations. Sometimes a case can be solved with a simple phone call or walk through. We also utilize team members’ psychic abilities during investigations. We are currently working towards involving the study of UFOs into our team. Many investigations went undisturbed, however. 4 cases showed significant negative activity, with one in particular being stopped in the middle of the investigation due to safety concerns to team members.

Has Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team had any dangerous encounters and if yes can you described it?

Yes, while investigating at the time, recently purchased abandoned property in New London, WI, former team member, and medium, Cameron channeled a particularly aggressive and vulgar spirit. The other member, David Kedzior, who is a gifted energy healer, and former Behavioral Detection Officer with the T.S.A., identified the behavior as a possible channeling event without Cameron’s permission. David assisted Cameron outside of the property, in which Cameron’s behavior became even more aggressive. In a moment of clarity, David began energy scanning Cameron’s body and also began to pray. Within a few minutes, Cameron started relaxing and appeared to return to his own personality. The experience was deemed serious enough to conclude the investigation at that time. The team left some equipment overnight to see if the cameras would render any evidence during the review process.

While investigating at a residence in east Green Bay, Founder, Josh, noticed a faded green glow in his left peripheral vision reflecting on the wall of the basement. Josh immediately brought it to the attention of other members. The majority of the rest of the investigation was an attempt to get the glow bright enough to take pictures of. Once discovered, the glow started off as a half circle and a few specks next to it. By the end of the night, the glow was a symbol of a full circle and four small hand prints within the circle, pointing south towards the back of the basement. While the symbol itself was very revealing during the case, other events occurred during the investigation, such as the focus of the team being strained unnatural fatigue taking place with all team members. Dumb mistakes happening. First round wasn’t recording due to someone forgetting to hit the record button. Manipulation of electronics. Cameras were being moved, etc. During our review process of all the data collected, we discovered that only 3 photos of the 30 photos we took of the wall where the symbol appeared came out. Those 3 reveals 3 separate orbs with a trail. Also, the team was negatively affected to a point where two of the team members aggressively and vulgarly left our team. While we cannot prove that these two members created an attachment or had an attachment from the investigation, it is a possibility based on their unusual behavior after the investigation. During the original investigation, we discovered 6 symbols at the end of the night. The most recent visit to the client revealed a total of 5 symbols, and we were able to test samples from the basement where the symbols are located, and video taped the forensic test which revealed that the glowing material is not paint based.





Any tips for those starting in paranormal investigation along with any advice to those seeking information, aid or assistance when involved with any alleged paranormal experience?

First all, educate yourself and be in it for the right reason. This means that your primary goal is to help people. If in it for the right reason, your goals should not be to make money, be a thrill seeker, or hope for a glamorous lifestyle. Before investing a lot of money, start small. This means go out and buy yourself a digital voice recorder and EMF Meter and if possible, a digital camera. This should cost you no more that about a $100. Another option is to join a reputable team where you can learn from other experienced investigators. Also, each investigator should know who they are as individuals and understand some of the risk involved during an investigation. The field can cost you a lot of money, but will make you no money, so be prepared. If you’re seeking the help of a paranormal team, it’s best to visit their website and learn as much as you can about the team. If you have access to site that can provide background checks on team members, use it, because there are teams out there who employ felons, convicts, and people with bad intentions.

How can someone contact the group and what processes are done in evaluating cases?

To contact us, we can either be reached by our email (kaukaunaparanormal@gmail.com), our phone number (414-949-5778), with a new number coming later this year), our Facebook Page. First stage is the initial contact interview, the client to go online and fill out a “Requesting Help Form explaining in detail their situation. We then have a phone interview with them to determine their situation and the next which usually involves a walk through. We go the location of the activity for the walk through, and a tour is presented to us. After the tour, we sit down with the client to talk about an investigation. The client must then go online to fill out our “Pre-Investigation Questionnaire”. We then do some research before the investigation, which includes history of the property, as well as inhabitants that have passed away and how they passed. Once we’ve investigated the client’s location, we then take some time to review all data collected during the investigation. Then, the final phase of our services is the reveal to the client. In most cases it helps shine a light on the client’s situation. If necessary, our team can direct the client towards other sources to aide them if the activity becomes to much to bear, and a blessing or cleansing is needed.


Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team

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