Hide and Seek with Bigfoot

Cryptozoology is an unrecognized field of study that pursuits and studies evidence involving creatures of speculations, believed to be either an undiscovered or extinct species such as Yeti, Loch Ness or the Jersey Devil. Those working in this area, always have the burden of proving the existence of creatures considered to be a myth or unreal.

Any evidence presented, is automatically met with argument and skepticism. To demonstrate, any eye witness reports of the Jersey Devil is disregarded as a hoax, misidentification, or some kind of hallucination. Visual recordings in the form of pictures and videos are considered as fakes generated by computers. Physical evidence collected, such as tracks, hair, spools, etc, which could show the plausibility of a cryptid creates demands for DNA proof that seems to be considered inconclusive once produced.

The only confirmation anyone would accept as proof to the existence of any cryptid is either when one is captured or a body is found. In the case of Bigfoot, one has not been caught as it continues to be elusive and no remains have yet to be discovered. This has created a new argument to Sasquatch not being real as it still remains evasive with the advancement of technology and increasing human populations. Yet I could ask the same question on how wanted individuals could avoid capture from authorities for decades. Still, this is a valid point that I wish to address, unfortunately there is more than one answer or theory to explaining why Bigfoot has been this elusive. Here they are:

Limited Population. In North America, there is a small population of Sasquatch roaming the forests, numbering maybe several hundred, hiding within the vast wilderness.

Intelligence. Bigfoot possesses a human like intelligence and how do you find something that doesn’t want to be found. Sasquatch has learn humans pose a threat and developed methods to evade detection. Simple techniques as active at night, burying the dead, avoiding any human contact will make the creature more challenging to locate when they are out-thinking you in the woods.

Supernatural. Bigfoot is supernatural either possessing magical abilities, such as becoming invisible, or a spirit that periodically manifest itself to be seen and heard to later disappear from sight.

Alien. Some time back in the 1970s, there were sightings of UFOs where witnesses also reported encountering Bigfoot. Sasquatch is believed to be an alien that teleports back to its ship when confronted by humans. The creature will never be found as its not from this planet. I don’t put much stock into this theory which will be explained in a future article.

Inter-Dimensional. The theory is Bigfoot originates from another dimension and pops in and out of our dimension at will. If this holds true, good luck in finding Sasquatch.

In the end, there are only two possibilities concerning this cryptid within this world. The first one being the creature exists and possesses some amazing skills not to be seen or detected. The second would be what I discovered among conspiracy websites that no one will ever find Bigfoot because he never existed. Reasons yet unknown, a group or organization, for the past 80 years has been putting on hairy gorilla suits and running through woods to reinforce the legend. Everything we know of this cryptid is nothing more then a man made hoax.



Image from the Patterson–Gimlin film


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12 thoughts on “Hide and Seek with Bigfoot

  1. sasquatchandfriends

    One of my favorite theories is that Bigfoots possess telepathic powers and can sense a (potential) witness’ intentions or mindset, and based on that,can choose to reveal themselves or remain hidden. But– Oh man, I MUST know more about this conspiracy theory. Are you willing to share your sources on that?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gatekeeper Post author

      Thanks for commenting. The source of the theory was off a personal webpage discussing of conspiracies in America I came across a few years ago, but discontinued for some time. I’ll try to find the other websites where I read the theory on and post them. As mentioned in the article, the site refereed to all the hairy humanoids seen around the world for centuries, there can only be two scenarios. Either the creatures exist or we enter the realm of conspiracies as all the sightings tracks, etc are man made by a group or organization with the intention of making the world think they are exist. Then the site went on with questions as to why, who they were, and so on.

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  2. True George

    Big Foot will never be found especially if the creature is inter-dimensional. Perhaps a new approach and using technology but unless the current technology can access another dimension then there won’t be any positive results.


  3. Gatekeeper Post author

    If Sasquatch is an inter-dimensional being, I would assume it would be using a portal to travel between realities at certain locations throughout North America as an organism is unable to produce the power to tear open a hole through time and space.



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