The Devil’s Sea

What comes to mind when one discusses about vanishing ships and aircraft? The Bermuda Triangle would be one of two possible answers. What if I told you there is another place on earth where the same phenomenon occurs, but on the other side of the planet? Off the coast of Japan, covering most of the Philippine Sea, is an area known as the Devil’s Sea or the Dragon’s Triangle. The region shares the similar phenomenon of vanishing ships and aircraft, UFO sightings, ghosts ships and electronic equipment malfunctions as the Bermuda Triangle.

The Devil’s Sea has been known for centuries by the Japanese, as spoken in legends to be inhabited by dragons which the erupting volcano in the region could inspired. During World War Two, several navy vessels disappeared or communication lost giving to questions whether victims of war or the Dragon’s Triangle. Over the years, there have been other stories of sea vessels and aircraft to vanish in the 1950s, leading Japan to declare the area a danger zone for shipping. These claims are still debated by researchers. One truth about the area is there are sudden changes in weather, ocean condition and volcanic activity. Just a side note, the Dragon’s Triangle and Bermuda Triangle are at exact opposite locations to each other like the Poles.


Marcia “The Dragon’s Triangle”. Encounters with the Unexplained. November 8, 2015.

3 thoughts on “The Devil’s Sea

    1. Gatekeeper Post author

      Thanks for commenting Kenneth. The last story I can recall involving the Devil’s Seas was about the discovery of an deserted fishing boat within the area back in the early 2000s. There was no clues to what happened to crew.


      1. Kenneth T.

        You’re welcome for my commentary.
        I remember the “Triangle” being popular back in the 80’s. I was intrigued, but after a while, it was like the fascination wained (for me at least) because there were less and less newsworthy stories. Even less information on the “other” Triangle.


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