The Devil’s Step

Ever woke up in the morning and discovered inhuman footprints in your backyard? If you have, then you are not alone. Throughout history there been documented cases of strange tracks appearing believed to come from some unknown bipedal creatures. One such famous incident is the Devil’s footprints phenomenon.

The events began on a morning in February 1855, around Devon England. Residents of the area woke to find strange hoof-like prints in the new fallen snow. The tracks were described as horseshoe shaped, four inches in diameter and seemed to cover almost 100 miles. They were reported within many of the villages throughout the county. These footprints carried many oddities. Eye witness accounts detailed them to be traveling in one direction, made by some bipedal creature. The mystery only deepens as the trackers were said to been found by doorways, rooftops, second floor windows sills, side of buildings and suddenly stopped in the middle of fields, causing many to speculate who ever created the impressions was an extraordinary leaper or had wings.

Eventually newspapers picked up the story and dubbed the phenomenon as the Devil’s Footprints. They published may theories to the origins of the tracks. Some suspected the local wildlife, while others believed to be part of some hoax and the idea an escaped kangaroo from a private zoo was mentioned. There was an account of a local minister warning the footprints were created by the Devil himself seeking out sinners. Despite the speculation, no fully accepted explanation exists to the cause of the event.

Other appearances of hoof-like footprints have been reported even to this day. The last incident to occur was in 2009 when an elderly woman discovered strange tracks, similar to those from 1855, within her snow covered garden.

Painting of the 1855 mystery

Painting of the 1855 mystery


Cuin, Al. “Devon Devils’ Footprints”. British Paranormal. August 2, 2014.

6 thoughts on “The Devil’s Step

  1. conorb93

    This is one of my all time favourite mysteries. It’s so creepy and intriguing, I love it, thanks for putting it up.



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