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When growing up, we try to acquire skills and knowledge to be become self-sufficient in life. On occasion, there will be situations encountered that will go beyond one’s own abilities to handle. This is when one calls upon the services of others with the expertise for help. Such situations requiring someone’s skills could be medical treatment, house repair, automotive services, computer maintenance or representation in the law. Whereas, those needing aid with encounters with unknown forces there is the paranormal investigator. This week’s posting features the Empirical Paranormal group of New York.

Empirical Paranormal was established in 2004 and based in Binghamton, NY. Their goal is to study and research the paranormal of all types and serve the community by investigating, researching and presenting their clients answers and peace of mind. They also do this for the team and the paranormal field. The group collaborates with other teams and partnerships with other people in related paranormal fields as UFO, cryptozology and more. Services they offer includes investigations, council, advisory help, presentations, clearings and expulsions, referrals and meet and greets.

I had contacted Deborah, director of Empirical Paranormal, and we exchanged several emails. In knowing more about the group, its members and what they experienced, we had a Q&A.

Who are the members of Empirical Paranormal Research Team and their roles?

Deborah – Director and does all. Including expulsions and clearings.
Gina – She is Office assistant and helps me with my work- Management. She also helps run the Facebook page along with me.
Michael – Photographer, writer, management
Joe – Investigator
Erin – Investigator
James Evens – Investigator
Jesse – counselor and investigator
Casey – psychic medium. Council and clearing, investigator
Wade – investigator, field work, safety supervisor
We do everything within the field, all share, but these are the major things each does.

What processes are done in evaluating cases?

We do an intake from the client, we do a walk through and investigate. We use all data and experiences, direct knowing and compile to come up with results and the facts of the case.

The team’s experience with the paranormal, say how past investigations went?
Well, they all are great in one way or another. Sometimes things are major dead..pun intended. In other words we get nothing. Most of the time we solve the clients’ issues, bring peace, clear, find what we can, provide answers and solutions, council and such. We had those claiming demons and it was dust. We had claimed demons and had low level haunting going on. It is always a full spectrum from one end to the other of what is going on. Nothing ——to——-haunting. We have captured an elemental and shadow man, true orbs and many evp’s .No one can know it all or be an expert. This team is professional and experienced. We have what it takes and we love what we do. It is a pleasure to work with clients and help them with their needs.

Has Empirical Paranormal had any dangerous encounters and if yes can you described it?

We have had no dangerous ordeals and no mishaps. We have been in situations where heavy menacing, dangerous energy was and could very well been a problem but nothing has ever happened to us.
Once a hanger came from a wall and went around us into the wall. Physics –well it can’t happen unless something or someone did it. Nothing you could see. Once a former member now retired was overcome by a menacing dark energy that attached to him draining his energy. I resolved it by clearing the being and fixing his energy body. Those two were the worst in event happenings.

Any tips for those starting in paranormal investigation along with any advice to those seeking information, aid or assistance when involved with any alleged paranormal experience.

Advice to those seeking information, aid or assistance when involved with any alleged paranormal experience?

There are many on line data bases of teams. One I refer people to is http://www.paranormalsocieties.com. Click on your state. Then scroll for the closest team to you. Ask the team if they can provide the assistance you need. Many don’t clear homes or people. Many do for the investigation and don’t council or follow up with you again if need be. Many don’t have referral lists for resources and additional help or back up. Question the team well. Empirical has all this and more as we have tried to cover all bases possible.

Any tips for those starting in paranormal investigation?

Never just go play as it is a dangerous thing to do 85% of what you encounter when being respectful and protected spiritually and physically is safe. Always be respectful, never provoke, take it seriously and do tons and tons of research. Have a passion for the field if you intend on getting into it. If you become a team you need excellent people skills and be able to handle tough crazy cases and people in distress, fear and some mentally ill and no paranormal to the case. Delicate situations you end up in so be prepared for everything and anything at all times. Fear makes things worse so remove yourself from the situation whenever possible. Be smart. Seek information form libraries, book stores, internet, community, friends and so on.

I want to say thank you to Deborah and the Empirical Paranormal team for their time sharing this information. If you are in the New York state needing help with the paranormal or inquiring about the group here is Empirical Paranormal contact information.

Contact: Deborah at 607-217-4306 – Office of Empirical Paranormal.
sunshinedeb7@yahoo.com (Deb)
empiricalparanormal1@gmail.com team email
Facebook: empirical.paranormal/facebook.com

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