Ghost Hunter’s Wish List

The first paranormal investigation I participated in was on the main floor apartment of a century old house. There were reports of unexplained sounds, moving shadows and strange smells within the dwelling. Now picture this, it’s the mid 90s, four guys working minimum wage jobs, just graduated high school and then image the type of equipment available to conduct this investigation. There was a bulky camcorder holding VCR tapes for video recordings, tape recorder with audio cassettes for EVPs and the old film cameras for picture along with a two day waiting discount envelope for development. Other tools were a measuring tape we used for recording distance, a compass on had to detect magnetic fields and an outdoors thermometer to take temperatures in finding those cold spots. We had these old 80s walkies talkies for communications, pens and clipboards to record any observation and a pair of 70s flashlights when stubbing in the dark. With the internet just emerging back then, the real research was done at the library or city hall to find any information about the history of the place. Lucky one guy on the team had access to computer which was only used to print documents and store any EVPs taken.

Now 20 years later, half the work can easily be done by anyone with a smart phone with internet connection. Amazing the changes in technology between now and then, which I wish had access too on those nights, as that camcorder was heavy. In sharing my knowledge and pass experience, the following is a composed list of basic equipment that I believe would be needed by any upcoming ghost hunter.

1) EMF Detector to pick magnetic fields believed to be created by ghost

2) Digital Audio Recorders to record any EVPs

3) Camcorder to record video and for a few extra bucks can get one equipped with night vision, thermal imaging and other features

4) Range Finder in measuring distance is quicker and easier then a tape measure

5) Lighting such as flood lights, flashlights, etc when working at night and exploring those dark basements

6) Cameras with flash option to take pictures because for some reason I have yet to know, still photos seem to pick on images that camcorders miss out on.

7) Motion detectors if you could afford them, to monitor areas you are not in or watching

8) Digital Thermometer to record temperatures in finding those cold spots

9) Cell or Smart Phones are a multiply tool on hand for communication, recording, etc

10) Air Ion Counter is a fancy and expensive option, as the device is believed to detect the presence of ghosts by measuring the amount of certain ions in the air

11) Pen and Notebook as you still have to take notes, record observations, etc

12) First Aid Kit always be prepared

Remember, if you can’t get the latest and greatest device, low tech is always another option that works such as a compass to detect magnetic fields if EMF detector is unavailable.

5 thoughts on “Ghost Hunter’s Wish List

  1. Travels with Hollie White

    So, just curious…
    If something mimicked your daughter saying, “It’s time to go night night.” while she was in the same room as you and there was no way it could have been her because if so it wouldn’t have come from behind you, would you move? Just a normal night at my house. The next night it squeezed my hand and sometimes it rubs my feet. I can’t even get my husband to do that!! All jokes aside, it doesn’t really bother me, but any insight on finding out who or what it is and what it wants? I’ve tried recording, but never catch anything other than my dogs snoring.

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    1. Gatekeeper Post author

      Hi Hollie and thanks for commenting. Now I have a few ideas on what maybe is going on, but with trying to analysis your situation over the Internet would just come down to guessing. Such a matter would require an one on one process involving interviews, research and an investigation, if you are looking for answers, something which in my experience can’t be done entirely online. There are factors that need to be looked into such as history of the house, the family, the area and so on and is requiring to be physically there to do the research. I am sorry this may not be the answer you are looking for.

      I can offer this website which has a listing of a majority of paranormal groups in the North America and a few from around the world. There maybe a local paranormal group you can contact to check out the situation. Now I hope this doesn’t scare you with what I am about to say, but I just need to give some advice involving paranormal groups I found most people are unaware of. Most of these teams offer their services for free, if any one of them you contact asks for a fee or a donation avoid them. Also doing a little research on the group like checkout their webpage, Facebook etc and maybe ask for reference. I know this is may sounds more complicated then it needs to be, but the fact is the world is not the same as it was 30 years ago. Hope this help, again I wish I could offer more assistance.

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    1. Gatekeeper Post author

      This is a truth that the reality of a situation can’t be fully determined online or over the phone especially involving paranormal phenomena. Answers can only be found by being there personally.

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      1. A.M. Pietroschek

        I think that, besides being the difference between counseling & investigation, is the right attitude. Better a thorough empirical work than a sloppy academic theory declared fact.


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